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Paddling Trail And Campsites - Lake Talquin

Post By:quincypair on 4/22/2015 5:13am
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We have just completed a multi-paged report which gives put-ins, campsites, and recommended trails for novices + on Lake Talquin, a 72 (shoreline) lake between Tallahassee and Quincy. For football fans, there are a number of full use campgrounds (some reservable) and primitive sites in that report. Nothing like paddling in the morning and watch your favorite team win in the afternoon or evening! 165 species of birds recorded (months seen in accompanying report), lots of 'gators (the amphibians). Lake subject to fetch, but report indicates sites for novice paddlers. Two rivers: Little and Upper Ocklockonee feed into lake, but not included in this report. That report is scheduled for next year. Best time to paddle late fall through early spring. E-mail us for copy:

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RE: Paddling Trail And Campsites - Lake Talquin
Post By: quincypair on 4/22/2015 5:14am

That's 72 miles of shoreline, 26 miles from points of the inlets.

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