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Help In Selecting A Kayak

Post By:jay on 6/30/2015 5:44pm
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Have a couple questions. I currently have a 10 foot sit on top. I am 6'3 and weigh 250. The boat is rated to 290 pounds. When I am in the water the boat drafts very low in the water causing water to fill in the seat. Tried taking out the auto drain plugs and no help. Am I just too big for this kayak? Suggestions?? Thanks!

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RE: Help In Selecting A Kayakicon
Post By: paddlesolo on 7/16/2015 9:13am

I have never paddled a sit-on-top kayak, but from speaking with people that do, it seems like their seat is always wet. Some people who paddle them year-round said they would wear rain pants and stay dry. Now to answer your question about weight, one doesn't want to get too near the limit, but if you are not falling in and the kayak seems stable to you, you are probably doing all right. If you decide to switch to a sit-in-side kayak, the Pungos (12 ft or 14 ft) are good for larger people because they have large cockpit openings facilitating getting in and out. I paddle in NW Florida year round and am delighted with staying dry in my Pungo.

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