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Choosing Kayaks For S Fl Inter-Coastal Use

Post By:orly on 8/8/2015 4:38amicon
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I'm interested in a pair of kayaks for the wife and myself. We are in the Palm Beach area and would use it mainly for the inter-coastal and some the islands and it's beaches for swimming. Snorkeling might also be an option since we are avid divers.

We are new to kayaking aside from a few times we've rented them although I am not new to boating in general.

A few considerations to be taken in choosing our kayaks:

-We are middle aged 40-50
-live in an apartment so space is limited. Will have to get creative with a storage them but I already have a few ideas. May want to avoid very long kayaks.
- If 2 kayaks is the way to go rather than a tandem, cost will have to be reasonable, I'd say $1500 total.
-we would be getting in and out quite a bit for swimming or snorkeling.
-probably wont get much use during the winter months. Too cold.
-Used kayaks an option

So I've read through these forums and have seen quite a bit of models and makes mentioned. The model that I see most often in the waters or for rent are the Ocean Kayak Scramblers so that about the limit of my personal experience. I'm sure there may be kayaks better suited for us.

Lighter weight kayaks would be a plus.

Anyways, I'd like to hear from the experts on what my options might be.


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RE: Choosing Kayaks For S Fl Inter-Coastal Useicon
Post By: orly on 8/9/2015 4:33pm

Update: I visited a local kayak shop this weekend. Looked at a few models and came to a preliminary conclusion.

Given the space constraints I'll have in the condo and transportability, I'm leaning strongly towards a tandem kayak.
Going with the tandem not only helps to solve those problems but frees up the budget to go with a good quality kayak.
Many of the kayaks we saw were similar to Ocean Kayaks in material build and weight which I was not very fond of. The kayak that caught our attention was the Hurricane Skimmer 140T. Good quality and finish, much lighter, configurable for single rider and within budget.

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RE: Choosing Kayaks For S Fl Inter-Coastal Useicon
Post By: paddlesolo on 10/19/2015 6:54pm

I can't believe you think it is too cold in the Palm Beach area to paddle in the winter months. I would think it would be too hot in the summer. I live in NW Florida and paddle year round.

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