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Whitewater Or Even Just Fastwater

Post By:bkatz on 9/29/2015 12:11pmicon
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I moved to Tampa from Joisey last year. My little canoe and I loved to spend time playing in class II/III water. It's jealous because I bought a kayak and have been doing my best to try to start loving sea-kayaking down here. But that love hasn't blossomed yet. Yet I took my canoe on the bay, and it grumbled the whole time.

So I'm watching this North Florida group to hopefully learn about trips on some swifter flowing rivers than I'd find down here. I know, it'll be a long drive. But I'll have my little canoe to keep me company on the drive.

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RE: Whitewater Or Even Just Fastwatericon
Post By: paddlesolo on 10/19/2015 6:52pm

There is very little swift water in Florida. Chipola has one (that is all) class one rapid called Look and Tremble and the water level needs to be low. Econfina has the steepest gradient of any stream in Florida, but there is a lot of downfall, so it turns into a slog with lots of pullovers. An eleven mile paddle from Scott's Road to Walsingham and a horribly long shuttle.

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RE: Whitewater Or Even Just Fastwater
Post By: newyak on 7/2/2016 2:22pm

its a long drive from tampa,but southeast alabama has some fast water.the sepulga river in covington and conecuh counties has a few small rapids .i have been on the river from staples bridge to bull slough bridge , 3 to 5 small rapids located on this stretch . there are 3 more stretches of this river that can be paddled. i have yet to explore those. you can google it and find enough info to get started

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