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Paddling The Apalachicola

Post By:swershow on 11/12/2015 4:23pm
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Howdy ya'll,

My dad, brother, and I are planning a 4-day trip on the Apalachicola this december.

We are unfamiliar with the area, and could use some learned advice.

1. Tips on arranging a shuttle? We'd like to leave our car in Apalachicola or a few miles upstream at an easy take-out. And put in somewhere around Estifinulga or Dead Lakes.

2. Distance per day? We are planning on covering about 15 river miles per day, hopefully leaving ample time for some side explorations and points of interest. Is this realistic?

3. Is the final stretch of the river dangerous for strong but fairly inexperienced river paddlers? How are the currents, boat traffic, paddling conditions for the last few miles heading into apalachicola?



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RE: Paddling The Apalachicolaicon
Post By: paddlesolo on 11/22/2015 6:44pm

I have done shuttles for several people on the Apalachicola. You can send an e-mail to me through this site.
The lower portion is more difficult than the upper portion. There aren't as many sandbars and boat ramps to stop at, more swamp. One paddler I know well intended to go all the way to Apalachicola but the wind and waves were strong and he got out at a boat ramp and caught a ride to his vehicle. I was amazed he did that, because obviously he had to leave all his gear and boat at the landing while he was gone. Still better safe than sorry.

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