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Buying Kayak

Post By:phobetor786 on 8/10/2016 8:09amicon
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I plan on buying my first kayak soon. i kayaked in a camp two years ago and fell in love with it. My favorite kayaks the camp had to offer were play boats. I have some money saved up to buy a kayak with a budget of about $1000 (although I would like to spend less then that). currently I live in south east Florida, and there aren't many white water rivers around, so i am looking for a play boat that would be fun to use in the ocean with waves, or in flat water, to practice tricks such as rolls. another issue is since, there are virtually no retailers that sell this sort of kayak in this location, I would rather not have to ship back a kayak if it isn't comfortable, not to my liking, etc. If you need any more information to best suggest a kayak such as my height, and weight, feel free to ask.

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