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Coming For A Visit!

Post By:bahulahead on 8/18/2016 11:39amicon
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Hello all from Atlanta, GA. I'm traveling to the Melbourne area for a wedding in early October and will be paddling on the way down and on the way home with at least two camping stops on either side of the wedding. I am typically a whitewater kayaker so my gear is more for that, but I do own two SUPs. One is a Versaboard (SOT crossover) and the other is a Surftech Universal. I have a wide array of questions regarding camping, paddling spots, potential partners, outfitters, etc. I am contemplating paddling KP Hole and Juniper Springs on the way down and then visiting more coastal destinations on the way back. Please let me know when you are ready for the barrage of questions!! And thank you :)

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