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The Great Loop

Post By:quincypair on 9/4/2016 10:17am
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Jayson D. Ambrose of British Columbia, Canada is paddling the Great Loop starting eastward from Mobile, Alabama on October 1. His web site is
Those who are interested in supporting him with information, company, etc. along the Florida coastline and or along the route may want to contact him at
He expects to do that trail in 13-15 months returning to Mobile via the Mississippi River. Hopefully Hermine will be the last hurricane we'll see this season.
Those of you who learned canoeing on Bill Mason videos and books, Jayson is originally from Winnipeg, Bill Mason's home place. He now lives in British Columbia.
Just occurred to me that any school teachers along the way might want to invite him to expose the students to a little bit of geography and a little bit of information on that big country north of us.

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