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Another Jax Yakker

Post By:smthng on 9/20/2016 8:25pmicon
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Hi all, I've been kayaking with sit-on-tops for a couple years, but a friend finally convinced me to get a sit-in for longer distance and better speed. I got a used and somewhat abused Tsunami 160 that needs a little help. Bulkheads need re-sealing, rudder cables and sleeves need replacing and it needs a new seat.
I have a Pelican 100 and a Pelican 130T as my two sit-ons. I also have a Lifestyle something or other that will be hitting craigslist soon (it was an attempt at sailing, but was horrible).
I'm just south of Jacksonville on the St. Johns, but generally end up around Crescent Beach or Guano Tolomato a lot. I hope to do a lot more exploring with the Tsunami once it's up and running properly.

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