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Hi, I'm Tioti

Post By:tioti on 4/19/2017 8:04am
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I'm Tioti from Northwest Fl. just above Panama City. I travel all over seeking those off the beaten path places to explore. Over the years I have hit hundreds of creek, rivers, lakes and ponds, a lot of which are not listed and mostly hidden places to paddle and camp. I have explored these places in many types of canoes and kayaks. I use my 10.0 Lancer sit in mostly now because it is liteweight and can hold a lot of gear inside for camping. I found the members of Club Kayak reports to be very informative. Things shared like launchable places, if you can park roadside or there overnight etc. very helpful issues that gives us all an advantage to prepare our trips better and I will share as well. Feel free to contact me at

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