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New Human-Powered Broad Hull Water-Bikes

Post By:waterbike on 5/7/2017 7:51pmicon
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Spring Special! Canadian manufacturer is introducing their popular broad-hulled water-bikes to the U.S. , just in time for Spring and Summer! Twice the speed of Paddleboats, great lower body workout, great alternative to kayaking for leisurely sightseeing , fishing , standing,
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RE: New Human-Powered Broad Hull Water-Bikesicon
Post By: iammargarette on 11/21/2018 8:10pm

I will wait for them to put this product on sale. For now, I will buy other gears that I will need, then get a ferret furniture for my weasel at home, and lastly look for some console games that will be available on sale on the most awaited Black Friday.

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