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Looking For New Adopters For Water-Bikes

Post By:waterbike on 5/7/2017 8:24pmicon
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Hello- I would like to form a new, water-bike group to take up water-biking and introduce human-powered, broad-hulled water-bikes to Florida kayak and paddle-board enthusiasts. These new generation water-bikes are compact, broad-hulled bikes are easy to maneuver in tight places, perfect for carrying the dog or cooler on leisurely fishing & manatee watching trips or great exercise, burning up to 300-500 calories per hour at higher speeds. Women especially love these bikes as an alternative to kayaks, for the great lower-body workout! The bikes would also make great rentals for a Florida water- touring business. I need at least 10 early adopters to form a group and spread the word about this exciting new human-powered water sport. [
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