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Please Don't Be The New Ghostbusters!

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/14/2017 11:40pmicon
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So many articles were written on how fantastic the talent was for that movie. How that an all female cast would do so wonderfully and shut up all the haters.

And then we got the film...And it was relatively a flop.

And now we have WW. It's just too bad she has to carry the weight of 3 past films that have varied between 'alright' (MoS) to okay (Suicide Squad) to terrible (BvS).

That's a lot of pressure to be under...Even for the shoulders of one of comics strongest and most beloved characters.

So, here's hoping that WW suceeds where the other DC films have stumbled or in many cases, completely fallen.

What do you all think: Will Wonder Woman be a success, or will this film echo Ghostbusters and further push back DCs movie universe?

Please help.
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