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WTB: Fun When Working But Broken Do Not Buy Until~

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/18/2017 12:59amicon
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Wanted: Fun when working but broken do not buy untill fixe
City: California

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Name: Ryan Caleb
Email: Me

The biggest ones is your base completely resetting to zero. You could spend hours collecting resources and building your base log off for the night and relog the next day to find your base gone and all the resources you collected gone with it. The other major issue is that playing with your friends is...difficult. What I mean by this is when I first started playing the game I had no problems but much like the base issue the following day I couldn't play with any of my friends. The last issue is the founders coins, they don't stack? So you get 50 founders coin from one Llama great you have 50 founders coins problem is if you open another Llama you get 30 instead of having 80 you now have 30. Anyway the game for me is unplayable and for the rest of you head start guys/girls just know your beta testers and expect bugs?
Any idea?

Please help.
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