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Z-Wave Signal And Reliability

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/18/2017 11:49pmicon
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I have a couple of sensors. Since I have Homey I have experienced all sorts of issues.There are many failures at pairing. Even more failures with the data strings. In both cases I have noticed that some info at the pairing goes through some not. In many cases just some of the `sub-sensors` are paired the others are lost.
If everything goes well with pairing then the next challenge is the configuration data string. Again very much stochastic. Some parts of the string can go missing. For example it disables the temper alarm but the LED configuration stays untouched.
Challange #3 is the range: The Z-wave plus should offer 67% more range. Well it can`t manage 6.5m and there is just a MDF, and plaster board between the two. So the motion alarm is never cancelled in Homey.

All these are pointing to the same thing: We have a serious radio/signal processing issue. If this is not fixed you can`t build fancy stuffs on it. And we can`t build on it either?

Please help.
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