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Issues With Transferring Multiple Day Trips To Fen

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/21/2017 9:59pmicon
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I'm having trouble transferring multiple day trips from Basecamp 4.6.3 to my Fenix 5X. After some browsing, I could not find a similar issue being reported (sorry if this has been discussed before).

The "device transfer" option results in just one of the days transferred to the device (ie. I assume the other days are being overwritten). The same happens when exporting a single GPX file or multiple files (one for each day) using the "export" functionality.

I'm able to work around this (at least when transferring each day separately) by manually editing the gpx files before transferring them in the "NewFiles" folder on my device.

There seems to be a tag such as:

<name>Trip to Kiilop?? - Day 1</name>
<name>Trip to Kiilop?? - Day 2</name>

on each file. After some experiments with TextEdit, it seems to me that all but one of these files get overwritten because the beginning of each of these tags is identical between files. When I edit the tags manually to:

<name>1Trip to Kiilop?? - Day 1</name>
<name>2Trip to Kiilop?? - Day 2</name>

and then import them into the NewFiles folder (either one by one or simultaneously), all of the files appear fine on the device.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
Please help.
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