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Milne Bay Or New Britain & New Ireland In Septembe

Post By:ryancaleb on 12/29/2017 11:08pmicon
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I will head to madang for a couple of days and then will have 10 more days to explore PNG but I am not sure where is best to travel.

Option 1) Fly to Milne bay and spend a few days at Tawali dive resort and Nuli sapi and surrounds

Option 2 ) fly to Kavieng the visit Tsoi Island and then take a pmv to stop at Dalom or Malom village for a night and then to Rabaul via namantani

My interests are snorkelling, diving and lush scenery.

I am inclined to visit milne bay but I am worried it might rain a lot as it will be September.

Any advice would be appreciated?

Please help.
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