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Kelty 3-In-1 Waterproof Blanket

Post By:admin on 12/20/2010 7:34pm
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I just picked up one of these waterproof blankets at Target this evening while doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Got home and unpacked it. Looks like it will work for either a padded seat, pillow, blanket or throw.

One side is slippery smooth and appears water resistant (don't know about the waterproof thing). The other side is soft. Size is about the same thing as an unfolded rectangular sleeping bag. Might just use it for spring/summer camping instead of a full sleeping bag. $20 is a good deal for anything made by Kelty.

See Kelty Blanket at Target


Weave Type: Knit
Protective Qualities: Waterproof
Blanket Features: Waterproof
Fiber Content: 50 % Polyester, 50 % Cotton
Number of Pieces: 1
Warranty Description: Lifetime Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean Only

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RE: Kelty 3-In-1 Waterproof Blanket
Post By: swamprat on 12/20/2010 9:36pm

Looks interesting, Might also work as a sleeping bag liner for cool weather. I think i will try to pick one up... Thanks for the info...

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RE: Kelty 3-In-1 Waterproof Blanket
Post By: admin on 12/21/2010 12:26pm

So far I've used it sitting on the couch watching TV - can't wait to get it in the outdoors. Definitely adds warmth and far better than a fleece blanket.

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