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 This One Works, Sorry Bout That09296/14/2014 nate
 Texas Water Safari09666/14/2014 nate
 For Hard Core Paddlers510085/30/2014 nate
 Gulf Reg. Airspace Strategic Initia18945/22/2014 wildman
 Kayak Trolling Motor19094/26/2014 kayaklover1
 Save Our Springs08424/16/2014 paddlejunkie
 Be Careful Out There28654/12/2014 paddlesolo
 Apalachicola Paddlejam07154/6/2014 paddlesolo
 Upper Peace River07463/27/2014 myakka
 Noisy Wacissa River Bird48283/9/2014 bloodychamp
 Canoe/Kayak Polo07052/6/2014 quincypair
HotTrolling Motor Bracket2019501/30/2014 myakka
HotMilitary Use Of Our Two Largest Sta12148012/20/2013 quincypair
 2013 Paddler's Rendezvous068510/28/2013 pnerissa
 Cedar Key - A Great Place To Paddle1123310/8/2013 quincypair

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