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Are you new to Green Wave Forum? Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Most of us are well behaved and are eager to meet new 'wavers. Be sure to tell us where you kayak/canoe and what kind of boat you paddle.

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 New To Kayaking In Jacksonville04063/11/2016 Unknown
 Hello From Riverview Fl04711/24/2016 papahoosh
 Hello From The Orlando Area258010/28/2015 yellowboat
 Indian River Area045510/26/2015 conrad1225
 New Solo Kayaker In Edgewater Fl050110/11/2015 nonstickron
 New Member Near Orlando15585/5/2015 dangrusdav
 Hello To All15025/5/2015 wastemwillie
 Green05483/12/2015 ehret1237
 Newbie Here !05162/24/2015 wbs3
 I'm Baaaaak....05172/18/2015 marshbunny
 New To Green Wave27317/15/2014 foldmom
 Atlanta Paddler Stealing Your Water07034/17/2014 ezwater
 Kayakathon09532/11/2014 jjonthelake
 Fort Myers Group06611/28/2014 jazam
 New To Green Wave.17291/14/2014 workerbee
HotThinking Of Taking Up Paddling, Loo1113119/9/2013 britbill
 Newbe09207/17/2013 canoetripper
 New Member Intro19267/14/2013 stickbow
 Back In The Area27856/9/2013 shawnstang
 New To Florida Padling27795/13/2013 cheez

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