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Which online kayak retailer do you trust most?9/30/20127I buy local only
Who makes your Paddling Camera?5/22/201217Canon
Are you a member of a kayak or canoe club?12/21/20119Yes
Money is no object. Pick a place you'd like to go paddling.10/31/201112Greek Islands
Your longest ONE DAY paddling trip. Tell us where in comments.8/27/2011821 to 30 Miles
Paddle more or less this year?7/25/201115Paddle more than in 2010
Favorite boat color?5/28/201113Orange
What's your favorite paddling junk food?3/27/201110Don't eat junk food
What type of training are you most interested in?2/23/20119Sea Kayaking
Have you taken a kayak/canoe training class?1/30/201121No Official Training
What's your tolerence for cold weather paddling?12/29/2010950 degrees and up
Have you tried kayak/canoe fishing?11/24/201015No, probably never will
Have you tried Stand Up Paddleboarding?10/24/201013No, not yet
How many miles do you paddle (average day)?9/29/2010215 to 9 miles
What type of paddle do you use?9/2/201017Euro-Style straight shaft
I paddle a ...8/29/2010268Sit On Top Kayak
What's most important for saving the manatee?7/31/201017Manatee education programs
Have you ever paddled whitewater? (more than 30 feet of it)6/28/201014No-probably never
The PRIMARY reason I paddle is to/for...5/31/201017Escape from Civilization
How much did you spend on your favorite kayak or canoe?4/27/201028$500 to $999
What are you most afraid of while paddling?4/1/201023Motorboats
How soon before you purchase your next boat?2/22/201084 to 6 months
What is your favorite food to take while paddling?1/30/201016Peanut Butter and Jelly
Have you ever taken a gun on a kayak/canoe trip?12/31/200917No, and will never do so
How often do you visit Green Wave Forum?11/30/2009211 or 2 times per week
How often do you paddle lakes? (tell us which ones in the comments area)10/29/2009171 to 3 times per year
My most expensive paddle cost...9/29/200919$101 to $200
You paddle. Which other adventure sport would you try?8/31/200922Flying - Aircraft
What company is your favorite kayak manufacturer?8/5/200916Perception Kayaks
Would you support canoe and kayak registration?6/28/200918No
Do you take safety and survival equipment on paddling trips?6/23/20093Yes - First Aid Kit + Shelter + Radio/Cell
Do you use a GPS while paddling?5/27/20098Yes-On Occasion
How many canoes and kayaks do you own?5/13/2009122 boats
How often do you kayak/canoe camp?5/13/200970 (Never)
Favorite Paddling Environment4/30/200931Rivers
What is your #1 Florida river for kayaking and canoeing?4/28/200916Weeki Wachee River
How would you rate your paddling skills?3/28/200927Advanced
How often do you paddle?3/27/200920Twice a month
What is your favorite part of Green Wave Forum?2/28/200921Trip Reports
Does Green Wave Forum perform adequately to meet your needs?2/21/200912Yes, it's fine