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Cotee River Trip

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Hank Brooks | Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers
Published Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cotee River Ready to Launch
What do you do on a cold January morning when you want to go kayaking - head for a river of course! Everett White has scheduled a timely trip on the Pithlachascotee River, which runs through the heart of New Port Richey. Since I can never remember how to spell the name of this river, I simply call it the 'Cotee River.

This river is not especially long (perhaps 7 miles to the mouth) and it's not extremely scenic. However it does have several things going for it. In the winter it is protected from the wind (about 20 mph on this day) and therefore the biting cold. It is also relatively close for those of us that live in northern Pinellas County.

There were seven paddlers who showed up for this fairly easy paddle of about 5 miles - Everett White (our Trip Leader), Bill Brown, Barb Sullo, George Laurant, Olly & Vickie Gardner and myself. We launched at the Main St. Bridge launch area only about 1/2 mile East of Highway U.S. 19.

Once launched, we headed upstream. This is past may houses which have the river in their backyard. Most have a dock with a boat close by.

The last mile of the kayak navigatable upper part of the Cottee River is mostly trees and Florida vegetation. Eventually the river keeps getting narrower until vegetation makes it difficult for a kayak to proceed. It's either get out and portage or head back down river - we headed back down river.

Downtown New Port Richey
While we only paddled for 5 miles, it was a worthwhile trip. It got us out of our "easy chairs" to get some exercise, we enjoyed the outdoors in the sunshine and it helped keep our paddling muscles in shape. The more paddling layoff you have, the harder it is to pick up where you "left off" from your last paddle.

After the paddle we enjoyed a great lunch together with a lot of laughter and fellowship. After all, isn't that what TBSK is all about!

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