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Weeki Wachee the Hard Way

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Hank Brooks | Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers
Published Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weeki Wachee
Doing the Weeki Wachee River the hard way means paddling upstream to the headwaters from Rogers Park and then floating back down. This was George Laurant & Bev Hand's Wednesday paddle with Jimmy Stewart, Roy Hogrebe and myself along for the ride. We figured that the water was flowing from 1.5 to 2 mph, depending on the width of the river. So the trip took some stamina. George and I made it up the 7-mile river in about 2.5 hours - including about 15 minutes for breaks. The others were traveling a bit faster.

It felt great to be able to accomplish this feat. It felt even better to see several manatees during the paddle. On the way back we were able to sit and swim in the cool, clear water when we stopped for lunch. With its clear cool water, at a constant 72 degrees, this makes a great weekday paddle - weekends being too crowded to enjoy the beauty of the river.

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