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CC TV, Frances Stone | Chipola College
Published Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Weather Paddling


Paddling can be a year-round sport even during cooler weather. One needs to divorce the notion that paddling means swimming. Everyone enjoys a swim in the creeks, streams, and springs when the weather is warm, but if one paddles for exercise and viewing nature there is no reason to quit when the weather turns cold.

What will make the paddling enjoyable is wearing appropriate clothing and carrying a complete change of clothing  in a Dry Sack in case of an unexpected flip. Rain gear is also stored in the Dry Sack.

Wearing a PFD gives added warmth and is an important safety feature.

Types of Footwear:  Sealskins, hiking boots with Gortex, neoprene paddle booties, and Chota Mukluk Light knee-high boots.

Fleece: Pants and tops. This fabric does not hold water, and will keep one warm even if it gets wet, drips and splashes bead up.

Wind Breaker: When the wind is strong, a windbreaker or wind suit is essential. A top of 100% polyester with raglan sleeves allows for freedom of movement.

Underwear: Polypropylene, wool, or silk.

Socks: Wool or synthetic blends, hiking socks work for paddling as well.

Headgear: Broad brimmed hat, knit hats, fleece or sweater with a hood.

Hands: Open-fingered paddling gloves, acrylic gloves over these for added warmth.

Paddling Pants: The ultimate paddling pants are 100% nylon with the legs that zip off and SPF of 50%.

Rain Gear: A hooded poncho worn with a cap which keeps water from dripping onto your face, a rain suit with jacket and pants, or a Gortex rainsuit.

Video courtesy of Frances Stone and Chipola College TV ( Original 30 minute broadcast was January 30, 2008 on CCTV.

Last update Thursday, January 31, 2008

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