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TBSK Paddle - Picnic at Fort DeSoto

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Hank Brooks | Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers
Published Wednesday, August 01, 2007

About 50 TBSKers gathered at Fort DeSoto for our June TBSK paddle picnic. Roy Hogrebe led the advanced paddle, Brian Page led the Intermediate Paddle, and Everett White led the Easy Paddle. While the paddle trips were being conducted, Phyllis & Dave Murphy helped paddlers work on their paddling & rescue skills.

TBSK Wedding Terry and Lynn
In addition to celebrating a great day with paddling, we also had a TBSK wedding to celebrate. As many of you know by now, Terry Hobbs and Lynn Snowden got married in St Augustine on June 12th. Because they had difficulty fitting the wedding into the schedules of many relatives and friends in several different countries, they eloped.

Lynn got to know Terry when she caused his boat to capsize when she was towing him in Trip Leader training. Since they met in the club, TBSK had cake for them at the picnic, which said "Congratulations Terry and Lynn, Happy Marriage from your kayak friends". It had two kayaks and two dolphins for decorations as well as waves all around the bottom of the cake. They seemed totally surprised and appreciated the attention from many of their friends in the club.

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