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Florida Paddlesport Experts Wanted

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In the Sunshine State you can kayak or canoe 11,000 miles of rivers and streams, 8,000 lakes and 2,200 miles of tidal shoreline year-round. From crystal clear springs to blackwater rivers and seas of a thousand hues of blue, it's all here.

No doubt Florida is a paddler's paradise. We love the State and the tremendous opportunities it offers. If you feel the same way, we're interested in hearing from you.


Green Wave Forum is expanding. We've been getting tens of thousands of website visitors each month and it's only getting bigger. Most individuals come to this site looking for reference materials to answer the question "where should I go paddling this weekend?" Other popular site areas include the photo gallery, forums and videos. We have a small, but loaded with potential group of forums dedicated to paddling Florida's awe-inspiring waters.

Here's where you come in. We are in need of five "experts" on Florida paddling.

One for each region of the state. Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southwest and Southeast.

Specially we're looking for five individuals who:
  • Have a passion for paddling and exploring the state
  • Have a few years experience and paddle on a regular basis (at least monthly)
  • Willingness to write a 300-500 word trip report or article and accompanying photos (monthly)
  • Can actively participate in this website at least 3 times per week by monitoring forums and other postings by website visitors
  • Are friendly and have an interest in helping people
  • Are decisive, fair, consistent and mature

You'll be given "Journalist" rights to Green Wave Forum. This allows you to post news articles, add trip reports and do other cool stuff. Don't worry, it's not too technical. You'll get your photo and contact info posted on a Green Wave Forum trip region page.

Since we don't know the number of applications for a particular region, it's hard to tell you how the selection process will go or how long it will take. Preference given to those who on occasion paddle multiple types of watercraft - canoe, kayak, surf skis, rowing shells, dragon boats, heck - even row boats will work.

Of course, you can quit at any time, but we'd like to see you participate as long as possible. A two-week notice would be good. :)


Compensation $: ZERO to start. At some point in the future we will discuss sharing of advertising revenues but do not expect your monthly share to ever exceed the cost of lunch for two at McDonald's.

Benefits: Being part of a professional team, your photo and contact info on a Green Wave Forum region web page, learning new paddling and Internet skills.

Rewards: Plenty including growth and self-satisfaction for helping others.


Green Wave Forum was created to share information, provide help, suggestions and advice to fellow paddlers. Topics for other outdoor sports, such as hiking, biking and camping are allowed, however these should be the exception and the majority of content should be based on paddling or paddling-related topics.

Experts may not post information that includes advertisements, product surveys, solicitations to market products, services or job opportunities without written permission from the owners of The only exception to this rule is Experts may post material detailing "Demo Days" or other free to the public paddlesport related tryouts.

We do not support or tolerate discrimination based on age, race, gender, national/ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.  Experts are expected to ensure that all postings are free from verbiage that could be considered discriminatory.


Are you a Florida paddling expert or ready to become one?

When you're ready, contact Be sure to list your name, phone #, city and a paragraph or two about why you want to help.

Remember, it may be a big state but there are only 5 expert positions at Green Wave Forum. Hurry!

Last update Saturday, May 09, 2009

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