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Extreme Kayak Fishing

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WoodKayaker (Don) contributed these videos about fishing for large predatory species off the west coast of Florida. As Don says:

"Fishing for shark, tarpon, amberjack, cobia, etc. from kayaks is NOT for the uninitiated. There are real risks, and real dangers involved. Sure, it's exciting, but it is extreme kayak fishing".

Check out his movies on YouTube:

Shark in a Kayak - catching a 5' lemon shark.

A LULU of a Blacktip Shark

In this video Don is fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands area. The video is done with a helmet cam which gives you the perspective of being in the cockpit of the 22"-wide sea kayak, as though you were catching the shark yourself. Be sure to watch all 3 parts!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3