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General Questions

Q: What is Green Wave Forum?

A: Green Wave Forum is a Florida statewide online paddlesports community. That means if you paddle any watercraft (kayak, canoe, paddleboard, raft, dingy, etc) within the state of Florida, you've found the right place for your next adventure.

Use of Green Wave Forum is available free of charge with the understanding that Club Kayak, Prosirius Technologies and Green Wave Forum owners, authors and contributors ARE NOT LIABLE for your use of information provided on this site.

Q: Is Green Wave Forum for Canoe and Kayak trips only?

A: No, you can post messages, trip reports and photos for any human-powered watercraft. You're welcome to post camping, biking, hiking and other outdoor sports related reports but the emphasis of the site should be on paddling.

Q: Why is Green Wave Forum limited to Florida trips?

A: Our parent site, Club Kayak, focuses on paddling opportunities in Florida. We're just following their lead. Depending upon use and, with enough requests, we may expand to other locations. For now if you want to submit a trip report for a location outside of Florida, use the Other States region.

Q: How did Green Wave Forum get its Name?

A: From the emerald green waters of Florida's panhandle. If you haven't yet experienced the multi-hued waters and snow-white sand beaches of Northwest Florida, you've missed something special.

Q: What is a Trip Report?

A: A Trip Report is a summary of your paddling experience. You provide details such as location name, trip date, salt or fresh water, boat type, cost/expenses (if any), GPS coordinates, photos and comments. Most people will live vicariously through your trip reports but a few will follow along in your wake.

Q: How do I add a Trip Report?

A: This looks like a lot, but it's really simple. First, register and then login. Next click on the Trips button on the menu. Determine the region where your trip is located. Select that region. You'll see a link to Add A Trip Report. Be sure to check to see if the location already exists in the list. If so, please use the location that is already in the system. Key in your Trip Report and click on Save. You can add photos after saving the report. That's it!

Q: Do I need to Register?

A: You do not need to register to view most information, however you must register if you want to post trip reports, forum messages, photos or view the member list.

Q: Are you guys at Green Wave Directionally Challenged?

A: Sometimes but not today. We know the Big Bend is on the west coast, but have included it in the Northeast Region. The Florida State Parks system did the same thing. Just play along and no one gets hurt.

Q: Who Sponsors Green Wave Forum?

A: Web hosting is graciously provided by Prosirius Technologies. Additional revenue used to maintain this site is generated through the sale of advertising. If you would like to advertise on Green Wave Forum, please see Advertising on Florida Paddling Trails Association for info on rates and ad specs.


Q: How come I can't Login?

A: You need to register before login is allowed. Be sure to write down your User Name and Password.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Login first then go to the Home page. You will see "Welcome YOUR NAME (Change Password)". Click on the change password link.

Q: I forgot my Username and/or Password. Now What?

A: Click on Login. Follow the "Forgot Your Password?" link. If we can find your email address in the database, your username and password will be mailed to you.

Q: What do I do if I see an offensive message/text?

A: The Administrators try to clean these up on a daily basis, but if you happen to spot something offensive, contact

Good Stuff

Q: How can I put a URL (address) in my comments/report?

A: You can using BB Code, like this: [url][/url] will link to Club Kayak. To insert your email address use: []Your Name[/url]. When you are adding your post or report you'll see a small toolbar above the field. Click on the blue question mark for help on BB Code.

Q: Who developed Green Wave Forum?

A: Green Wave Forum uses a web application called Prosirius StarSite. This program is available for Windows Servers and Internet Hosting Services from Prosirius Technologies. It's inexpensive and includes many features such as an event calendar, community forums, photo upload and gallery, trip reporting, customizable themes, site construction, member management, e-commerce online store and more. It's easy to install and perfect for your club. Take a look at this site and then visit to get more information and your copy of Prosirius StarSite.