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No More Oops Paddling Checklist

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schessl | Green Wave Forum News
Published Saturday, August 15, 2009

This isn't your regular run-of-the-mill paddling checklist. Everyone remembers his or her boat, paddle and PFD. Well, almost everyone! This list covers those things you normally don't think about but should. Let's jump right in:

Before leaving the house did you…

  • Tell somebody where you are going or better yet, create a float plan?*
  • Check the weather report for today?
  • Wear clothing appropriate for the water temperature and weather?
  • Saltwater trips -check tide reports and bring a spray skirt?
  • Whitewater trips -check water levels?
  • Print a map and directions so you can find the put-in and take-out?
  • Put a set of dry clothes and towel in the car?
  • Check the roof rack on your car to make sure it is secure?
  • Attach a whistle to your PFD or boat?
  • Bring a fishing license if you are going to fish?

At the put-in did you…

  • Park the car in a safe place, out of traffic and set the parking brake?
  • Hide valuables in the trunk?
  • Put on hat and sunglasses?
  • Put on sunscreen?
  • Pack boat with water, food and bailout bag (waterproof bag or container with first aid kit, insect repellent, pocket knife, flashlight, rope, matches/lighter, cell phone and photo ID card/driver's license?)
  • Remember to put cam straps/tie-downs in the car for safe storage?

While paddling did you…

  • Drink plenty of water or other liquids?
  • Eat an occasional snack?
  • Reapply sunscreen?

After the trip did you…

  • Rise the boat to clean off any sand/dirt before loading it on the car?
  • Make sure you transfer everything from the boat into the car?
  • Securely tie down your boat?
  • Go home and post your trip report and photos on Green Wave Forum?

I'm sure you have other tips to help kayakers and canoeists have an enjoyable and safe day on the water. Please add them to the comments area below.

*About the float plan: I like to make a note of where I'm going, who I am going with and when I'll be back. I usually leave the note on my computer keyboard. If I'm going on a long day trip or overnight, I will make a copy of the note and put it on the car seat face down so the casual passerby can't read it, but if the authorities need to break into the car they know where to start looking to find me.

Last update Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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rod88 on 7/20/2016 3:07pm
The worst way to end an otherwise great river float is to get to the take out point and find that the keys to the take out point shuttle car are locked in the van at the put in point. Always take all the keys to all the vehicles on the float trip with you. It happens more often than you might imagine.