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December 2010 Photographer of the Month

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Published Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in Green Wave Forum during 2010. Without you, our website would not be complete. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday Photo of the Month
Sunday Plants: (Merry Christmas in German)
Yellow Orchid - Bently
Purple Water Lily - FLKrakr
Morning Glory - MoonlightDesigns
White Water Lily - GPax

Monday Photo of the Month
Monday Boats: (Merry Christmas in Italian)
Yellow Sea Kayak: MoonlightDesigns
Innova Inflatable - Ed
Yellow/Blue Kayaks - SittingOnMalibou
Four Boats - GPax

Tuesday Photo of the Month
Tuesday Manatee: (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian)
Manatee and Kayaker - Gottago2
Orange Kayak Hug - DarkKnight
Manatee and Fish - YakDave
Manatee Face - FLKrakr

Wednesday Photo of the Month
Wednesday Whitewater: (Merry Christmas in Spanish)
Whitewater Boat in Spring - Ed
Whitewater Canoe - GPax
Red Sit-on-Top - GPax
Red Tandem Canoe - Paddlesolo

Thursday Photo of the Month
Thursday Paddlers: (Merry Christmas in French)
Dog on Board - JandBrare
Girl at Shoals - GPax
Red Tandem Paddlers - Paddlesolo
Young Girl in Kayak - Redfish18

Friday Photo of the Month
Friday Paddlers: (Merry Christmas in Polish)
Sea Kayaker - Lynette422001
Kayak Fishing - JandBrare
Yellow Kayak in Reeds - Colene Beckett
Two paddlers Farewell - Paddlesolo

Saturday Photo of the Month
Saturday Animals: (Merry Christmas in English)
Swimming Deer - YakDave
Yellow Crested Night Heron - FLKrakr
Baby Alligators - Admin
Wood Duck - Admin

Photographer of the Month

Your photos can be on Green Wave Forum too!

Would you like to be a Green Wave Forum Photographer of the Month? Please email 10 photos to

Requirements: Photo size: Minimum - 540 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall, Maximum 1024 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. Each photo must be named by location and subject, such as HillsboroughRiverEgret.jpg.

Your name and photo title will be added to each photo before posting on the web.

Photos must be watersports / paddling / nature related and ideally taken within the State of Florida.

Sorry - not all submissions will be accepted. No prizes or gifts - this is for fun only.

Like these photos? Leave a comment in the box below!

Last update Saturday, December 11, 2010

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