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Published Friday, September 30, 2005

Hillsborough RiverWe did it. A completely fresh new look to Out with the old blue and in with the new. And it's something totally different. As you traverse the pathways of the new, you'll see the many changes we made.

Here are the more obvious ones:

A new homepage ( that follows the familiar "theme park map" design. It's fun to use and allows you to navigate to all areas of Club Kayak without digging for the link.

Free Pics ( looks and works like a photo sharing website. The good news is the photos, desktop wallpaper and web graphics are still free!

Free PDA Programs ( has several new programs for your Palm OS handheld to entertain you when you're not on the water.

Central Florida Kayak Trips ( now has over 500 hundred photos and a new engine that will allow it to grow with ease. Many trips have been updated and contain the latest hurricane information.

Canoe and Kayak Lists ( is there for you with the equipment checklists you need for any paddling adventure.

And finally, but certainly not least, Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers ( comes along with hundreds of great paddle trips, stories, photos and instructional material.

We're excited about the changes to the new Club Kayak and we hope you are too.

Thanks for visiting us on the web and we look forward to another six great years sharing Florida kayaking and canoeing with you.

Best Wishes,

Ed Schessl

NOTE: Some of these sections have changed, been removed or have been otherwise replaced since the original article was posted.

Last update Friday, January 30, 2009

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