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Hi, I'm the "Unknown" user.

Actually, I'm not a user at all but instead a holding place for reports created by former members of this website. I joined Green Wave Forum on 6/5/2006 and since then filed 105 reports with 1,648 photos.

My Most Recent Report

St Marys River

3/12/2016 St Marys River (Scotts landing to Kings Ferry)

Total distance: 16 miles Total Time - 5h:51m Total moving time - 4h:12m

Read my report - includes 4 photos

My Trip Journal
 3/12/2016St Marys River (Scotts landing to Kings Ferry)164Trip Rating
 2/21/2013Silver Glen Runn/a30Trip Rating
 1/13/2013Turtle Beach, Siesta Key (Turtle Beach)n/a30Trip Rating
 7/28/2012Cedar Keys (Seahorse Key)n/a30Trip Rating
 5/11/2012Haulover Canaln/a30Trip Rating
 2/26/2012St. Francis - Dead River (Ed Stone Park)1230Trip Rating
 1/1/2012Withlacoochee River (South) (Potts Preserve)10+25Trip Rating
 12/25/2011Sugarloaf Key (Sugarloaf Marina)n/a19Trip Rating
 11/6/2011Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Seminole State Forest)
n/a30Trip Rating
 10/9/2011Econfina River (Econfina River State Park)n/a28Trip Rating
 9/10/2011Banana River (KARS Park)n/a19Trip Rating
 8/28/2011Blue Spring State Park (Hontoon Loop)n/a21Trip Rating
 8/13/2011Anclote Key (Fred Howard Park)n/a30Trip Rating
 7/10/2011Sebastian Inlet (Sebastian Inlet Marina)n/a14Trip Rating
 6/26/2011Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Seminole State Forest)
n/a30Trip Rating
 5/7/2011Silver River 10?30Trip Rating
 3/15/2011Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Seminole State Forest)
10+28Trip Rating
 2/24/2011Haulover Canaln/a21Trip Rating
 2/5/2011St. Sebastian River (Dale WImbrow Park)n/a10Trip Rating
 1/22/2011Pine Island (St. James City)n/a30Trip Rating
 12/11/2010Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge
(Ding Darling Nat'l W'life Refu)
n/a26Trip Rating
 11/27/2010No Name Keyn/a30Trip Rating
 11/21/2010Wekiva River (Katie's Landing)n/a26Trip Rating
 10/30/2010Wekiva River (Blackwater Creek)n/a29Trip Rating
 10/9/2010Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Moccasin Springs)
12+24Trip Rating
 10/2/2010Myakka River State Parkn/a30Trip Rating
 9/6/2010Lower Suwannee Nwr (Shell Mound Unit)n/a15Trip Rating
 9/4/2010Waccasassa River (Waccasassa and Wekiva Rivers)n/a18Trip Rating
 8/30/2010Wekiva River (Katie's Landing)n/a26Trip Rating
 8/28/2010Fisheating Creek149Trip Rating
 7/31/2010Sanibel Causewayn/a20Trip Rating
 7/18/2010Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Seminole SF to Katie's Landing)
8.521Trip Rating
 6/27/2010Bulow Creekn/a14Trip Rating
 6/10/2010Sepulga River - Alabama (Evergreen)150Trip Rating
 6/2/2010Fisheating Creekn/a14Trip Rating
 5/14/2010Haulover Canaln/a20Trip Rating
 4/17/2010Fort De Soto Park (Fort DeSoto)n/a26Trip Rating
 3/23/2010Winter Park Chain Of Lakes
(Lakes Maitland and Minnehaha)
n/a32Trip Rating
 3/21/2010Rock Springs Run8+19Trip Rating
 3/7/2010Canaveral National Seashore (Mosquito Lagoon)n/a23Trip Rating
 1/30/2010Loxahatchee River
(Jonathan Dickinson State Park)
16 ?38Trip Rating
 1/3/2010Lake Kissimmee State Parkn/a20Trip Rating
 12/24/2009Blackwater Creek - Lk. County
(Moccasin Springs)
n/a27Trip Rating
 12/12/2009Ding Darling Wildlife Refugen/a14Trip Rating
 11/22/2009Long Key State Parkn/a8Trip Rating
 11/12/2009Econlockhatchee River (Snow Hill to Highway 46)1112Trip Rating
 10/31/2009Wekiva River (Buffalo Tram Campsite)n/a25Trip Rating
 9/20/2009Rock Springs Run822Trip Rating
 9/7/2009Curry Hammock State Parkn/a7Trip Rating
 9/6/2009Marquesas Keysn/a10Trip Rating
 9/5/2009Coupon Bight, Big Pine Keyn/a14Trip Rating
 8/6/2009Lake Katherine - Wisconsinn/a15Trip Rating
 8/1/2009Mason Creekn/a8Trip Rating
 7/25/2009Manatee Springs State Parkn/a14Trip Rating
 7/25/2009Cedar Keysn/a27Trip Rating
 7/4/2009Canaveral National Seashore (Mosquito Lagoon)n/a10Trip Rating
 6/28/2009Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)n/a12Trip Rating
 5/16/2009Alexander Springs (Alexander Creek)n/a19Trip Rating
 4/26/2009Turkey Creekn/a19Trip Rating
 3/29/2009Spruce Creek (Strickland Bay)n/a6Trip Rating
 3/14/2009St. Johns And Econlockhatchee
(C.S. Lee and Cameron Wright)
n/a10Trip Rating
 2/28/2009Santa Fe River614Trip Rating
 2/8/2009Canaveral National Seashore (Mosquito Lagoon)n/a10Trip Rating
 2/7/2009Alexander Springs (Alexander Creek)26Trip Rating
 1/16/2009Rock Springs Runn/a15Trip Rating
 12/21/2008Ding Darling Wildlife Refugen/a21Trip Rating
 12/13/2008Orange River (Manatee Park)n/a6Trip Rating
 12/6/2008Halls River56Trip Rating
 11/8/2008Rainbow River (Rainbow River plus....)n/a13Trip Rating
 11/2/2008Hillsborough River
(Trout Creek to Sergeant Park)
1610Trip Rating
 9/27/2008Anastasia State Parkn/a7Trip Rating
 9/20/2008Salt Springs (Salt Springs Run)8.63n/a
 8/24/20081000 Islandsn/a5Trip Rating
 8/17/2008Ponce Inletn/a9Trip Rating
 7/26/2008Oklawaha River184Trip Rating
 7/4/2008Blackwater Creek - Lk. County86Trip Rating
 6/1/2008Hillsborough Rivern/a16Trip Rating
 5/31/2008Haulover Canal2-?6Trip Rating
 5/22/2008Banana River5.55Trip Rating
 5/16/2008Manatee Springs State Park166Trip Rating
 5/10/2008Weeki Wachee River164Trip Rating
 5/3/2008Juniper Springs145Trip Rating
 4/27/2008Tomoka River State Parkn/a9Trip Rating
 4/26/2008Rainbow River126Trip Rating
 4/22/2008Winter Park Chain Of Lakesn/a18Trip Rating
 4/16/2008Wekiva River8 ?6Trip Rating
 4/13/2008De Leon Springs State Park78Trip Rating
 4/6/2008Wekiva River1010Trip Rating
 3/30/2008Lake Norrisn/a13Trip Rating
 3/29/2008Turkey Creek4.514Trip Rating
 3/23/2008Hillsborough River167Trip Rating
 3/16/2008Wekiva River1216Trip Rating
 3/7/2008Myakka River State Park8-911Trip Rating
 3/2/2008Econlockhatchee River87Trip Rating
 2/24/2008Blue Spring State Parkn/a15Trip Rating
 2/21/2008Crystal Rivern/a20Trip Rating
 2/17/2008Rock Springs Run1810Trip Rating
 2/16/2008Canaveral National Seashoren/a14Trip Rating
 2/9/2008Chassahowitzka Rivern/a17Trip Rating
 2/3/2008Alexander Springsn/a8Trip Rating
 1/27/2008Wekiva River129Trip Rating
 1/26/2008Haulover Canaln/a4Trip Rating
 9/26/2006Caladesi Island7.51Trip Rating
 7/25/2006Hillsborough River2.50Trip Rating
 7/17/2006Silver River40Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!