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Hi, I'm Darkknight.

Started kayaking June 2010. Bought a new Pelican 130T (tandem) because my wife did not want me kayaking alone. Since then we have enjoyed the real Florida. Our favorite spots are,so far,Haulover Canal,and the Silver and Lower Wekiva Rivers. I joined Green Wave Forum on 7/11/2010 and since then filed 70 reports with 1,057 photos. My hometown is Oviedo, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Silver River

9/22/2012 Silver River

A fun paddle at the Central Florida jewel

Read my report - includes 9 photos

My Trip Journal
 9/22/2012Silver River89Trip Rating
 7/6/2012Econlockhatchee River88Trip Rating
 6/29/2012Hillsborough River811Trip Rating
 3/17/2012Wekiva River (Upper Wekiva River)96Trip Rating
 3/10/2012Hillsborough River88Trip Rating
 2/18/2012Haulover Canal (Haulover Canal & Scrub Rdge Tr)n/a8Trip Rating
 1/14/2012Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)~617Trip Rating
 12/10/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)~615Trip Rating
 12/3/2011Silver Rivern/a16Trip Rating
 11/26/2011Haulover Canaln/a15Trip Rating
 10/29/2011Rainbow River77Trip Rating
 10/22/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)313Trip Rating
 9/24/2011Haulover Canal (Haulover Canal - After Dark)35Trip Rating
 9/17/2011Santa Fe River811Trip Rating
 9/2/2011Winter Park Chain Of Lakesn/a11Trip Rating
 8/27/2011Econlockhatchee River (Ecolockhatchee River)412Trip Rating
 8/20/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)415Trip Rating
 8/1/2011Silver River815Trip Rating
 7/23/2011Weeki Wachee River135Trip Rating
 7/22/2011Faver - Dykes State Park (Pellicer Creek)~55Trip Rating
 7/16/2011Blue Spring State Park525Trip Rating
 7/8/2011Haulover Canal213Trip Rating
 7/2/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)519Trip Rating
 6/24/2011Tomoka River State Park (Tomoka River)58Trip Rating
 6/11/2011Haulover Canal~420Trip Rating
 5/28/2011Wekiva River (Wekiva River from Katie's)60Trip Rating
 5/22/2011Fort De Soto Park (Fort De Soto)3.510Trip Rating
 5/16/2011Haulover Canal (Haulover Canal - Endeavour)1.50Trip Rating
 5/13/2011De Leon Springs State Park (De Leon Springs)715Trip Rating
 4/30/2011Ichetucknee Springs And River
(Ichetuknee River)
97Trip Rating
 4/29/2011Haulover Canal211Trip Rating
 4/23/2011Rainbow River1214Trip Rating
 4/16/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)38Trip Rating
 4/15/2011Haulover Canal417Trip Rating
 4/9/2011Wekiva River814n/a
 4/2/2011Chassahowitzka River89n/a
 3/18/2011Silver River (Sliver River)823Trip Rating
 3/12/2011Hillsborough River87Trip Rating
 3/6/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)630Trip Rating
 3/4/2011Blue Spring State Park~310Trip Rating
 2/26/2011Canaveral National Seashore
(Canaveral National Seahore)
~68Trip Rating
 2/18/2011Econlockhatchee River~626Trip Rating
 2/12/2011Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)~530Trip Rating
 1/15/2011Blue Spring State Park
(Blue Springs State Park)
~630Trip Rating
 1/3/2011Rock Springs Run~816Trip Rating
 1/2/2011Hillsborough River930Trip Rating
 12/30/2010De Leon Springs State Park
(Spring Garden Creek)
~730Trip Rating
 12/27/2010Rock Springs Run920Trip Rating
 12/25/2010Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)~430Trip Rating
 12/17/2010Wekiva River (Lower Wekiva River)~420Trip Rating
 11/20/2010Wekiva River630Trip Rating
 11/19/2010Alexander Springs (Alexander Creek)423Trip Rating
 11/13/2010Silver River830n/a
 11/5/2010Haulover Canal323n/a
 10/23/2010Haulover Canal730Trip Rating
 10/22/2010De Leon Springs State Park (De Leon Springs)8~923Trip Rating
 10/9/2010Banana River+/-524n/a
 10/2/2010Juniper Springs (Juniper Creek)~412n/a
 9/11/2010Blue Spring State Park318Trip Rating
 9/10/2010Hontoon Island State Park (Hontoon Island Loop)~108Trip Rating
 8/28/2010Econlockhatchee River47Trip Rating
 8/27/2010Rock Springs Run (Rock Springs Run from Wekiwa)59Trip Rating
 8/21/2010Silver River829Trip Rating
 8/15/2010Alexander Springs (Alexander Creek & Springs)2.518Trip Rating
 8/13/2010Haulover Canal3.513Trip Rating
 8/1/2010Econlockhatchee River (419 to Snow Hill Bridge)89Trip Rating
 7/31/2010Rock Springs Run (Wekiva Island)4.513Trip Rating
 7/24/2010Econlockhatchee Rivern/a7Trip Rating
 7/23/2010Rock Springs Run
(Wekiwa St Pk/ Rock Springs Run)
310Trip Rating
 7/11/2010Haulover Canal210Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!