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Hi, I'm Ed.

Contributor to Green Wave Forum and recreational kayaker since 1998. Over 2,000 miles of Florida paddling as of August 2010 and still going strong! I joined Green Wave Forum on 11/21/2005 and since then filed 120 reports with 1,231 photos. My hometown is Tampa, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Crystal River

8/7/2011 Crystal River (Fort Island Trail)

Finally getting out of the house and doing some exploring in the Crystal River area. At 3pm today I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and headed to Crystal River to checkout launch sites at Fort Island Trail Park and Fort Island Gulf Beach.

Read my report - includes 14 photos

My Trip Journal
 8/7/2011Crystal River (Fort Island Trail)n/a14n/a
 10/10/2010Myakka River State Park1215Trip Rating
 9/26/2010Hillsborough River
(Trout Creek to Morris Bridge)
824Trip Rating
 9/18/2010Braden River (Ward Lake to Linger Lodge)823Trip Rating
 9/3/2010Pithlachascotee River712Trip Rating
 8/1/2010Anclote Key (Fred Howard Park)1215Trip Rating
 5/29/2010Chassahowitzka River610Trip Rating
 5/16/2010Lake Norris (Blackwater Creek)8.520Trip Rating
 5/6/2010Loxahatchee River (Riverbend Park)322Trip Rating
 5/2/2010Lido Key (South Lido Park)412Trip Rating
 3/22/2010Fisheating Creek (Fisheating Fort Center Trail)515Trip Rating
 3/7/2010Weeki Wachee River (Spring to Rogers Park)615Trip Rating
 1/30/2010Homosassa River (Homosassa / MacRaes)617Trip Rating
 11/7/2009Weekiwachee Preserve2.515Trip Rating
 11/6/2009Steinhatchee Falls620Trip Rating
 10/30/2009Alafia River (Alafia Canoe Rental)1022Trip Rating
 10/1/2009Steinhatchee Fallsn/a8Trip Rating
 8/16/2009Little Manatee River
(Little Manatee River St. Park)
7.518Trip Rating
 8/9/2009Weeki Wachee River618Trip Rating
 8/7/2009Pithlachascotee River (Green Key)9.518Trip Rating
 7/26/2009Anna Maria Sound (Gilligan's Island)1014Trip Rating
 7/23/2009Anclote Key (Fred Howard Park)7.519Trip Rating
 7/19/2009Salt Springs (Salt Springs Run)922Trip Rating
 6/27/2009Weeki Wachee River (Rogers Park)1318Trip Rating
 6/13/2009Weekiwachee Preserve321Trip Rating
 6/5/2009Cedar Keys (Atsena Otie Key)424Trip Rating
 5/16/2009Alexander Springs221Trip Rating
 5/3/2009Caladesi Island (Dunedin Causeway)810Trip Rating
 5/1/2009Lake Panasoffkee (Outflow Canal)719Trip Rating
 2/7/2009Pithlachascotee River (Sims Park)713Trip Rating
 1/10/2009Weekiwachee Preserve2.517Trip Rating
 12/13/2008Aripeka (Hammock Creek)4.512n/a
 12/6/2008Juniper Springs718Trip Rating
 11/30/2008Myakka River State Parkn/a12Trip Rating
 11/25/2008Weeki Wachee River (Rogers Park)1215Trip Rating
 11/9/2008Pithlachascotee River (Green Key)11.515Trip Rating
 11/2/2008Hillsborough River
(Hillsborough River State Park)
n/a20Trip Rating
 10/14/2008Withlacoochee River (South)
(Nobleton to Hog Island)
614Trip Rating
 10/12/2008Honeymoon Island913Trip Rating
 10/11/2008Jenkins Creek (Linda Pedersen Park)n/a12Trip Rating
 10/11/2008Weeki Wachee River (Rogers Park)510Trip Rating
 8/30/2008Anclote River (Craig Park / Tarpon Springs)3.510Trip Rating
 8/9/2008Juniper Springs (Juniper Creek)7.313Trip Rating
 7/26/2008Crystal River316Trip Rating
 7/6/2008Aripeka914Trip Rating
 7/5/2008Werner-Boyce Salt Springsn/a7Trip Rating
 7/5/2008Durney Key615Trip Rating
 4/26/2008De Leon Springs State Park67Trip Rating
 3/16/2008Jenkins Creek515Trip Rating
 3/15/2008Weeki Wachee River45Trip Rating
 3/5/2008Chassahowitzka River610Trip Rating
 2/24/2008Fort De Soto Park612Trip Rating
 1/12/2008Cayo Costa State Park1613Trip Rating
 12/9/2007Caladesi Island610Trip Rating
 11/20/2007Weeki Wachee River1212Trip Rating
 11/10/2007Anclote Key812Trip Rating
 10/24/2007Dunedin Spoil Islands57Trip Rating
 7/6/2007Blackwater River2411Trip Rating
 7/1/2007Wakulla Springsn/a12Trip Rating
 7/1/2007Wakulla River7.214Trip Rating
 6/30/2007Yellow River Marsh8.510Trip Rating
 6/2/2007Coldwater Creek810Trip Rating
 6/2/2007Krul Lake05Trip Rating
 5/17/2007Upper Escambia Bay75Trip Rating
 5/5/2007Upper Escambia Bay44Trip Rating
 4/22/2007Gulf Islands National Seashore1010Trip Rating
 4/21/2007Destin Harbor514Trip Rating
 4/15/2007Yellow River Marsh210Trip Rating
 3/18/2007Yellow River Marsh99Trip Rating
 3/10/2007Escambia River9.26Trip Rating
 2/17/2007Grayton Beach State Park4.513Trip Rating
 2/11/2007Lower Suwannee Nwr88Trip Rating
 2/10/2007Manatee Springs State Park84Trip Rating
 1/1/2007Bayou Texar - Pensacola69Trip Rating
 12/19/2006Econfina Creek35Trip Rating
 12/18/2006Holmes Creek78Trip Rating
 12/3/2006Fort Pickens145Trip Rating
 11/27/2006Styx River - Alabama116Trip Rating
 11/27/2006Perdido River43Trip Rating
 11/26/2006Lake Stone34Trip Rating
 11/25/2006Big Lagoon State Park3.758Trip Rating
 11/12/2006Bear Lake2.85Trip Rating
 11/12/2006Krul Lake03Trip Rating
 11/12/2006Hurricane Lake56Trip Rating
 11/5/2006Wacissa River109Trip Rating
 10/29/2006Big Juniper Creek7.56Trip Rating
 9/25/2006Juniper Springs78Trip Rating
 9/23/2006Silver River43Trip Rating
 9/15/2006Shoal River10.45Trip Rating
 8/1/2006Anclote Key9.38Trip Rating
 7/31/2006Caladesi Island23Trip Rating
 7/31/2006Honeymoon Island8.66Trip Rating
 7/29/2006Santa Fe River1310Trip Rating
 7/28/2006Ichetucknee Springs And River2.510Trip Rating
 7/9/2006Blackwater River106Trip Rating
 6/18/2006Pott Spring31Trip Rating
 6/18/2006Withlacoochee River (North)46Trip Rating
 6/17/2006Wacissa River57Trip Rating
 5/26/2006Upper Escambia Bay61Trip Rating
 5/24/2006Fort Pickens1219Trip Rating
 5/21/2006Chipola River43Trip Rating
 5/10/2006Manatee Springs State Park26Trip Rating
 5/10/2006Weeki Wachee River6.58Trip Rating
 5/9/2006Philippe Park86Trip Rating
 5/8/2006Weedon Island Preserve44Trip Rating
 5/7/2006Upper Tampa Bay Park24Trip Rating
 3/26/2006Big Lagoon State Park3.753Trip Rating
 3/26/2006Big Lagoon State Park32Trip Rating
 3/18/2006Morrison Spring64Trip Rating
 3/11/2006Econfina Creek44Trip Rating
 3/1/2006Pond Creek - Milton63Trip Rating
 2/4/2006Econfina Creek103Trip Rating
 1/15/2006Big Sabine Point12.53Trip Rating
 1/3/2006Bayou Texar - Pensacola6.251Trip Rating
 12/27/2005Bayou Texar - Pensacola33Trip Rating
 11/24/2005Santa Rosa Island - Pensacola74Trip Rating
 11/6/2005Coldwater Creek84Trip Rating
 11/5/2005Upper Escambia Bay34Trip Rating
 8/6/2005Hillsborough River84Trip Rating
 1/18/2005Blackwater River81Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!