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Hi, I'm Gpax.

Eagle Scout; Naval Officer; High School Coach and MathTeacher; Bicycled most of across the US; Hiked much of AppalachianTrail incl Springer Mtn and Kathadin. Sailed Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay. Five cross bay distance swims up to 3.5 miles. Adventurer. I joined Green Wave Forum on 8/12/2008 and since then filed 55 reports with 1,304 photos. My hometown is Pensacola, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Coldwater Creek

6/13/2013 Coldwater Creek

4.2 miles SR 4 Highway Bridge on East Fork Coldwater Creek to the bridge at Coldwater Creek Recreation Area Horse Stables in Blackwater State Forest Pebble and white sand bottom creek with bronze colored water. Water is shallow.

Read my report - includes 2 photos

My Trip Journal
 6/13/2013Coldwater Creek4.22Trip Rating
 6/15/2011Colorado River - Page, Arizona
(Glen and Marble Canyons)
154Trip Rating
 4/28/2011Key West (Bahia Honda State Park)vari19Trip Rating
 9/19/2010Yellow River815Trip Rating
 7/31/2010Fort Pickens1414Trip Rating
 4/3/2010Coldwater Creek (Hwy 4 to Horse Stables)4.226Trip Rating
 3/7/2010Holmes Creek (Cotton to Vernon Park)436Trip Rating
 1/18/2010Boiling Creek (Boiling / Yellow River)6.130Trip Rating
 1/1/2010Big Juniper Creek (Red Rock to Indian Ford)6.233Trip Rating
 11/22/2009Blackwater River
(Bryant Bridge to Deaton Bridge)
938Trip Rating
 11/15/2009Turkey Creek (Hippie Hole to Canoe Launch)3.520Trip Rating
 10/18/2009Turkey Creek (Hippie Hole to Boggy Bayou)8.518Trip Rating
 8/14/2009Econfina Creek (Livery to SR-20)217Trip Rating
 8/8/2009Boiling Creek (Boiling Creek and Yellow River)6.118Trip Rating
 8/7/2009Econfina Creek (Livery to 388)7.231Trip Rating
 8/5/2009Fundy Bayou210Trip Rating
 7/25/2009Big Escambia Creek - Alabama
(US31 brdge to Hwy4 boat ramp)
7.515Trip Rating
 7/24/2009Big Sabine Point
(Big Sabine Point Prim Campsite)
214Trip Rating
 7/21/2009Alaqua Creek (RR- 205 to Portland Park)6.721Trip Rating
 7/5/2009Sepulga River - Alabama
(Upper US 31 to US 84 Bridge)
8.427Trip Rating
 6/28/2009Tarklin Bayou Preserve St Park
(Blue Angel Pk to Tarklin Bayou)
8.221Trip Rating
 6/27/2009Sepulga River - Alabama
(Bull Slough Bridge to Brooklyn)
830Trip Rating
 6/21/2009Coldwater Creek (Hwy 4 to Horse Stables)4.219Trip Rating
 6/14/2009Big Juniper Creek (Red Rocks to Indian Ford)6.210Trip Rating
 6/13/2009Titi Creek (Titi Creek and Shoal River)832Trip Rating
 5/30/2009East Bay River (Upper Section and Live Oak Crk)6.816Trip Rating
 5/9/2009Double Bridges Creek - Alabama
(Geneva CR64 to CR65 bridge)
9.239Trip Rating
 5/3/2009Big Juniper Creek (Red Rocks to Indian Ford)6.227Trip Rating
 4/11/2009Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge (Commodore Creek)221Trip Rating
 4/10/2009Chassahowitzka River
(Maggies Crack and Baird Creek)
439Trip Rating
 4/9/2009Rainbow River860Trip Rating
 4/8/2009Crystal River (Kings Bay, Crystal River)425Trip Rating
 3/14/2009Bayou Chico (Chico Marina)1.016Trip Rating
 3/7/2009Boiling Creek (Boiling Creek and Yellow River)6.128Trip Rating
 3/7/2009Bayou Grande (Navy Point Linear Park)2.015Trip Rating
 2/8/2009Big Escambia Creek - Alabama
(Poarch Indian Camp to Flomaton)
13.226Trip Rating
 2/1/2009Styx River - Alabama (Buzzards Roost to CR64)3.631Trip Rating
 1/18/2009Crystal River (Three Sisters & Hunter Springs)n/a23Trip Rating
 1/17/2009Weeki Wachee River
(Canoe Rental to Rodgers Park)
n/a28Trip Rating
 1/3/2009Big Juniper Creek
(Upper Sec CR-191 to Red Rock)
4.427Trip Rating
 12/30/2008Perdido River (Barrineau Bridge to The Pipes)7.124Trip Rating
 12/26/2008Turkey Creek (Hippie Hole to Boggy Bayou)8.718n/a
 12/20/2008Turkey Hen Creek8.822Trip Rating
 11/15/2008Ocheesee Pond6.330Trip Rating
 11/14/2008Chipola River (Yancey to Magnolia Bridge)9.620Trip Rating
 11/11/2008Big Escambia Creek
(US29 bridge to Fischer Landing)
6.717Trip Rating
 11/8/2008Blackwater River
(Unnamed Ramp to Bryant Bridge)
7.916Trip Rating
 11/1/2008Escambia River (Sepulga Tributary of Escambia)11.037Trip Rating
 10/19/2008Boiling Creek (Boiling Creek and Yellow River)6.133Trip Rating
 10/18/2008Titi Creek (Titi Creek and Shoal River)7.933Trip Rating
 10/11/2008Coldwater Creek (Hwy 4 to Horse Stables)4.229Trip Rating
 10/4/2008Turkey Creek (Hippie Hole to Boggy Bayou)8.626Trip Rating
 9/27/2008Coldwater Creek6.117Trip Rating
 9/6/2008Coldwater Creek (East Fork Coldwater Creek)4.322Trip Rating
 8/30/2008Blackwater River (Kennedy to Cotton Bridge BWR)10.919Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!