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 iconHi, I'm Paddlesolo.

I paddle with the FPCKC ( which sponsors paddling trips from Pensacola to Tallahassee. I paddle a solo canoe, or one of my 2 kayaks. I am always glad to help out paddlers with advice or assistance especially on the Panhandle streams. I joined Green Wave Forum on 6/25/2007 and since then filed 93 reports with 846 photos. My hometown is Marianna, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Silver River

10/22/2013 Silver River (Silver River-Head Spring down.)

The State of Florida now has included the former tourist attraction as part of Silver River SP and built a very nice paddling launch near the head spring. Members of the FPCKC decided to give it a try.

Read my report - includes 13 photos

My Trip Journal
 10/22/2013Silver River (Silver River-Head Spring down.)5.613Trip Rating
 10/21/2013Oklawaha River (Ocklawaha at Rays Landing)10.110Trip Rating
 10/12/2013Omussee Creek (Omussee Creek, Columbia, AL)6.513Trip Rating
 8/24/2013Lafayette Passage Paddling Tr
(Lake Lafayette, Tallahassee)
3.84Trip Rating
 4/15/2013Pine Log Creek (Pine Log Creek near Carabelle)512Trip Rating
 3/15/2013Econfina Creek (Econfina Creek from Livery)8+3Trip Rating
 2/16/2013Wakulla River3.410Trip Rating
 12/6/2012Blackwater River (Cotton Bridge)11.510Trip Rating
 9/28/2012Ocheesee Pond6.40Trip Rating
 9/10/2012Merritt's Mill Pond (Merritt's Millpond)4.28Trip Rating
 6/1/2012Blackwater River
(Blackwater River at Kennedy Br)
110Trip Rating
 4/27/2012River Styx4.19Trip Rating
 4/20/2012Holmes Creek (Holmes Creek @Hightower Spring)9.59Trip Rating
 4/11/2012St. Joseph Peninsula St. Park
(T.H. Stone Memorial)
n/a6Trip Rating
 1/7/2012Black Creek (Black Creek near Freeport)610Trip Rating
 10/28/2011Ichetucknee Springs And River4.510Trip Rating
 10/21/2011Wakulla River (Wakulla River at US 98)6.9418Trip Rating
 10/12/2011Western Lake (Western Lake at Grayton Beach)n/a9Trip Rating
 10/7/2011Merritt's Mill Pond49Trip Rating
 6/18/2011Turkey Creek (Turkey Creek - Hippy Hole)8.314Trip Rating
 6/10/2011Chipola River (Chipola at Yancy Bridge)511Trip Rating
 3/13/2011Chipola River (Chipola at Yancy Bridge)1012Trip Rating
 2/16/2011Spring Creek, Marianna
(Spring Creek/Turners Landing)
39Trip Rating
 1/29/2011Sopchoppy River (Sopchoppy at FR 329)109Trip Rating
 12/31/2010Little River (Little River in Gadsden County)8.36Trip Rating
 11/27/2010Chipola River (Peacock Bridge/Look &Tremble)8.56Trip Rating
 10/30/2010Shoal River (Shoal River-Laird - US 90)12.620Trip Rating
 10/22/2010Silver River State Parkn/a0Trip Rating
 10/16/2010Apalachicola River
(Apalachicola to Blountstown)
120Trip Rating
 10/9/2010Apalachicola River
(Apalachicola at Chattahoochee)
1225Trip Rating
 9/20/2010Spring Creek, Ga (Spring Creek at Brinson, GA)107Trip Rating
 9/12/2010St. Marks River6.50Trip Rating
 8/5/2010Blackwater River
(Kennedy Bridge - Cotton Bridge)
1112Trip Rating
 7/3/2010Dry Creek (Lower) - Chipola1016Trip Rating
 4/28/2010Perdido River (Perdido River at Sandy Landing)88Trip Rating
 4/5/2010Cash Creek (Cash Creek/High Bluff Creek)n/a5Trip Rating
 4/3/2010Kennedy Creek (Kennedy Creek at Cotton Landin)411Trip Rating
 4/2/2010Wright Lake (Wright Lake Recreation Area)n/a6Trip Rating
 3/5/2010Econfina Creek (Econfina Creek at Walsingham)8.56Trip Rating
 1/18/2010Doyle Creek611Trip Rating
 1/1/2010Merritt's Mill Pond
(MMP at Hunter Fish Camp Rd)
410Trip Rating
 11/23/2009Suwannee River (Suwannee River at Dusty Road)1015Trip Rating
 11/7/2009Sepulga River - Alabama
(Sepulga River near Brooklyn)
11.315Trip Rating
 10/4/2009Econfina Creek (Econfina at Walsingham Bridge)7.420Trip Rating
 9/27/2009Aucilla River (Aucilla River at Rocky Ford)8.921Trip Rating
 9/7/2009Lake Talquin State Parkn/a8Trip Rating
 9/7/2009Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin at Hall Landing)38Trip Rating
 9/1/2009Big Lagoon State Park1.513Trip Rating
 8/29/2009Burnt Mill Creek (Burnt Mill Creek Upstream)9.3616Trip Rating
 8/23/2009Burnt Mill Creek (Burnt Mill Creek at West Bay)6.714Trip Rating
 6/30/2009Crooked Creek (Crooked Creek near West Bay)4.614Trip Rating
 6/12/2009Wacissa River (Wacissa River from the Springs)10.819Trip Rating
 5/13/2009Lake Powell (Lake Powell at Camp Helen SP)n/a13Trip Rating
 4/25/2009Murder Creek - Alabama
(Murder Creek near Brewton, AL)
9.313Trip Rating
 3/6/2009Owl Creek (Owl Creek at Hickory Landing)611Trip Rating
 2/8/2009St. Andrews Bay (St. Andrews Bay/Watson Bayou)n/a12Trip Rating
 1/17/2009Econfina Creek8.2315Trip Rating
 12/17/2008Holmes Creek611Trip Rating
 11/8/2008Bruce Creek (Bruce Creek Landing)1.47Trip Rating
 11/8/2008Choctawhatchee (Choctawhatchee at Bruce Creek)11.27Trip Rating
 10/23/2008Chipola River (Chipola River at Scott's Ferry)14.113Trip Rating
 10/11/2008Chipola River (Chipola River at Lamb Eddy)7.1511Trip Rating
 10/10/2008Rocky Creek (Jackson Tr.Rocky Creek Bridge)8.715Trip Rating
 10/4/2008Chipola River (Peacock Bridge on the Chipola)11.124Trip Rating
 9/27/2008Chipola River (Yancey Bridge)n/a7Trip Rating
 9/10/2008Chipola River (Highway 162 Boat Ramp)6.513Trip Rating
 8/30/2008Camel Lake19Trip Rating
 8/16/2008Turkey Creek8.616Trip Rating
 7/28/2008Turkey Hen Creek710Trip Rating
 7/26/2008Big Escambia Creek7.26Trip Rating
 5/26/2008Chipola River9.9611Trip Rating
 5/16/20085 Rivers Rsc Center - Alabaman/a0Trip Rating
 5/15/2008Titi Creek7.35Trip Rating
 4/24/2008Holmes Creek106Trip Rating
 4/19/2008Blackwater River1113Trip Rating
 4/18/2008Boiling Creek68Trip Rating
 4/17/2008Yellow River88Trip Rating
 3/27/2008Spring Creek, Marianna2.911Trip Rating
 3/16/2008Spring Creek, Marianna410Trip Rating
 3/2/2008Lake Seminole6.314Trip Rating
 1/18/2008Ocheesee Pond6.39Trip Rating
 1/12/2008Seven Runs2.385Trip Rating
 1/4/2008Pond Creek - Milton5.9111Trip Rating
 12/27/2007Blackwater River7.55Trip Rating
 12/19/2007Econfina Creek76Trip Rating
 12/14/2007Blackwater River8.544Trip Rating
 12/8/2007Turkey Creekn/a5Trip Rating
 12/5/2007Merritt's Mill Pond8.46Trip Rating
 10/27/2007Hurricane Laken/a4Trip Rating
 10/20/2007Chipola River8.243Trip Rating
 10/13/2007Boiling Creekn/a4Trip Rating
 10/6/2007Big Juniper Creek6.20Trip Rating
 9/3/2007Coldwater Creek70Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!