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Hi, I'm Quincypair.

Sophomore kayakers: fly fisherman and a nature lover. I joined Green Wave Forum on 3/23/2011 and since then filed 124 reports with 1,350 photos. My hometown is Quincy, FL.

My Most Recent Report

9/28/2013 Boiling Creek (Boiling Crk frm BC bridge)

From Boiling Creek bridge to the Yellow River Bridge on Hway 87.

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My Trip Journal
 9/28/2013Boiling Creek (Boiling Crk frm BC bridge)n/a0n/a
 9/26/2013New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildn
(New River Below Mud Swamp Wild)
 9/26/2013Womack Creek8.316Trip Rating
 9/26/2013Womack Creek8.30Trip Rating
 9/26/2013Womack Creek8.30Trip Rating
 9/15/2013Voyageurs National Park Mn
(Voyageurs NP - Ash River)
1021Trip Rating
 9/13/2013Voyageurs National Park Mn
(Voyageurs NP - Lost Lake)
3.115Trip Rating
 9/11/2013Voyageurs National Park Mn
(Voyageurs NP - Kabetogama)
5.1,30Trip Rating
 9/9/2013Voyageurs National Park Mn
(Voyageurs Natl Park MN)
 8/28/2013Crowsnest Lake58Trip Rating
 8/26/2013Paine (Payne, Mami) Lake, Ab (Paine Lake, AB)7.513Trip Rating
 8/23/2013Lower Oldman River, Ab (Lower Oldman River)19.311Trip Rating
 8/13/2013Summit Lake, Bc2.118Trip Rating
 8/12/2013Beaver Mines Lake, Ab (Beaver Mines Lake)3.17Trip Rating
 8/9/2013Post Outpost Lake, Alberta
(Police Outpost Lake, AB)
3.58Trip Rating
 8/6/2013Maskinonge Wildlife Lake, Ab2.710Trip Rating
 8/6/2013Waterton Lakes, Ab (Waterton Lakes - lower)4.910Trip Rating
 7/31/2013Lee Lake, Pincher Creek, Ab (Lee Lake, Alberta)n/a0Trip Rating
 7/25/2013St. Mary's River
(St. Mary's River, Cardston AB)
6.57Trip Rating
 7/23/2013Park Lake Provincial Park, Abn/a6n/a
 7/14/2013Beauvais Lake, Alberta, Ca (Beauvais Lake)n/a4n/a
 7/8/2013Park Lake Provincial Park, Ab5.114Trip Rating
 7/3/2013Beauvais Lake, Alberta, Ca (Beauvais Lake)3.311Trip Rating
 7/3/2013Cameron Lake, Waterton Ab (Cameron Lake)n/a0n/a
 6/25/2013Dogtooth Lake, Kenora, Ontario10.310Trip Rating
 6/23/2013Boundary Waters Wilderness
(Boundary Waters Wilderness WN)
 6/20/2013Apostle Islands - Wisconsin
(Apostle Islands Bayfield, WI)
 6/18/2013Lake Magarethe, Grayling, Mi
(Lake Magarethe, Grayling MI)
3.33Trip Rating
 6/15/2013Au Sable, Michigan (Ausable River, Mi,)4623Trip Rating
 6/11/2013Julian Price Lake
(Julian Price Lake - Blueridge)
20Trip Rating
 5/28/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)8.413Trip Rating
 5/19/2013Econfina Creek26.59Trip Rating
 5/10/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek to Womack Swamp)108Trip Rating
 5/5/2013Sopchoppy River
(Sopchoppy at Och Riv State Prk)
1213Trip Rating
 4/25/2013Womack Creek8.618Trip Rating
 4/20/2013Sopchoppy River
(Sopchoppy R from Martian Brdge)
59Trip Rating
 4/17/2013Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin-High Bluff landin)6.921Trip Rating
 4/13/2013Womack Creek7.514Trip Rating
 4/13/2013Sopchoppy River120Trip Rating
 4/13/2013Sopchoppy River120Trip Rating
 4/12/2013Ochlockonee River & Crooked R8.8Trip Rating
 3/29/2013Graham Creek, Tate's Hell
(Graham and Deep Water Creek)
8.726Trip Rating
 3/28/2013New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildn
(New River CS7 upstream 6mi)
129Trip Rating
 3/27/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)62Trip Rating
 3/20/2013New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildn
(New River CS7 to Gully Branch)
6.612Trip Rating
 3/19/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)7.79Trip Rating
 3/13/2013Womack Creekn/a0n/a
 3/12/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)8.514Trip Rating
 3/9/2013Crooked River, Carrabelle
(Crooked River CS 1 to Rock Lan)
8.75Trip Rating
 3/8/2013Crooked River, Carrabelle12.70Trip Rating
 3/8/2013Crooked River, Carrabelle
(Crooked River CR 67 to Carrabe)
12.72Trip Rating
 3/7/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)8.95Trip Rating
 2/28/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)3.212Trip Rating
 1/11/2013Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin - High Bluff Land)66Trip Rating
 1/7/2013Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)9.211Trip Rating
 12/18/2012Ocklockonee River - Upper
(Ocklockonee River - US 90)
11.211Trip Rating
 12/16/2012Crooked River, Carrabelle11.515Trip Rating
 12/9/2012Big Juniper Creek (Big Juniper)8.57Trip Rating
 12/8/2012Boiling Creek (Little Boiling Creek-Yellow Ri)8.510Trip Rating
 12/2/2012Ocklockonee River-Wood Lake
(Ochlockonee River - Wood Lake)
8/124Trip Rating
 11/29/2012Trout Creek (Trout Creek, Tate's Hell)7.524Trip Rating
 11/23/2012Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin - High Bluff Land)6.424Trip Rating
 11/15/2012Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)n/a6Trip Rating
 11/4/2012Econfina Creek (Econfina - Walsingham to SR 20)7.916Trip Rating
 11/3/2012Chipola River (Chipola from SR 20 to Scotts F)14.522Trip Rating
 11/2/2012Ocheesee Pond624Trip Rating
 11/2/2012Chipola River (Chipola River Sink Boat Ramp)24Trip Rating
 10/28/2012Ocklockonee River-Wood Lake12/81Trip Rating
 10/24/2012Spring Creek, Ga (Spring Creek, Georgia)13.725Trip Rating
 10/21/2012Spring Creek, Marianna1.98Trip Rating
 10/15/2012Ocklockonee River14.50Trip Rating
 10/15/2012Ocklockonee River14.518Trip Rating
 10/12/2012Apalachicola River
14.428Trip Rating
 10/7/2012Econfina Creek (Econfina Creek - Livery to 388)8.714Trip Rating
 9/20/2012Mohican River, Oh (Glenmont, OH)8.927Trip Rating
 9/18/2012Au Sable, Michigan (Grayling, Michigan)n/a5n/a
 9/16/2012Au Train River And Lake, Up Mi
(Hiawatha Ntl Forest Au Train)
11.40Trip Rating
 9/16/2012Au Train River And Lake, Up Mi
(Hiawatha Ntl Forest Au Train)
11.426Trip Rating
 9/14/2012Brule River, Wi (Brule, WI)11.720Trip Rating
 9/12/2012Sheyenne River, Nd (Fort Ransom, ND)14.721Trip Rating
 9/9/2012Upper Missouri Breaks/Mt (Coal Banks Landing)4730Trip Rating
 8/31/2012Island Lake, Albert (Island Lake, Alberta)1.67Trip Rating
 8/23/2012Chain Lake, Ab12.430Trip Rating
 8/21/2012Paine (Payne, Mami) Lake, Ab
(Paine Recreation Area, AB)
5.925Trip Rating
 8/20/2012Allison Recreation Area, Ab (Chinook Lake, AB)1+27Trip Rating
 8/16/2012Cameron Lake, Waterton Ab (Waterton Lakes, AB)4.630Trip Rating
 8/12/2012Lower Oldman River, Ab (Lethbridge, AB)8.222Trip Rating
 8/10/2012Summit Lake, Bc (Summit Lake, Sparwood, BC)2-317Trip Rating
 8/8/2012Grave Lake, British Columbia
(Grave Lake, Sparwood, BC)
2.818Trip Rating
 7/31/2012Waterton Lakes, Ab
(Waterton Lakes, AB - lower lak)
7.39Trip Rating
 7/27/2012Crowsnest Lake (Crowsnest Lake, AB)4.922Trip Rating
 7/24/2012Crowsnest River Past Lundbreck3.322Trip Rating
 7/18/2012Crowsnest River/Oldman Reservo
(Crowsnest River/Oldman Dam)
5.117Trip Rating
 7/17/2012Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin - High Bluff Land)n/a0n/a
 7/12/2012Beaver Mines Lake, Ab3.327Trip Rating
 7/9/2012Post Outpost Lake, Alberta
(Police Outpost Provincial Park)
n/a30Trip Rating
 7/6/2012Beauvais Lake, Alberta, Ca
(Beauvais Lake, Alberta)
n/a24Trip Rating
 7/6/2012Lee Lake, Pincher Creek, Ab (Lee Lake, AB)3.510Trip Rating
 6/26/2012Little Missour River (Medora, ND)5 +20Trip Rating
 6/23/2012Lake Yankton, Sd (Chief White Crane Campground)7.88Trip Rating
 6/21/2012Big Piney River, Mo (Saint Robert)11.59Trip Rating
 6/19/2012Cave Run Lake (Bangor Boat Landing)913Trip Rating
 6/2/2012Wacissa River110Trip Rating
 5/20/2012Seven Runs (Seven Runs Creek)5 9Trip Rating
 5/17/2012Gap Lake (Gap Lake, Washington County)50Trip Rating
 4/24/2012Ochlockonee River & Crooked R (Womack Creek)9.718Trip Rating
 3/20/2012Womack Creek (Womack Creek - Tate's Hell)712Trip Rating
 3/17/2012Turkey Creek (Turkey Creek from Hippie Hole)8.52Trip Rating
 3/17/2012Turtle Creek (Turtle Creek - Eglin)57Trip Rating
 3/10/2012New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildn
(Sumtra to Carabelle)
21.417Trip Rating
 3/5/2012Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin/Joe Budd Refuge)6.20Trip Rating
 3/1/2012Womack Creekn/a1Trip Rating
 12/24/2011St. Joseph Bay (St. Joseph Peninsula State Par)n/a3Trip Rating
 12/16/2011Apalachicola River12.34Trip Rating
 12/6/2011Wakulla River (Highway 98 bridge)n/a2Trip Rating
 11/17/2011Womack Creekn/a0Trip Rating
 11/1/2011St. George Island Bayside
(Campground St. George Island)
6-70Trip Rating
 10/24/2011Lake Talquin (Lake Talquin/)n/a1Trip Rating
 5/17/2011Spring Creek, Ga (Spring Creek - Smith Landing)16 R0Trip Rating
 4/7/2011Lake Talquin (Midway, Gadsden County)n/a0Trip Rating
 4/2/2011Wakulla Springs (Wakulla River)12.80Trip Rating
 3/27/2011Womack Creek (Womack Creek Unit, Tate's Hell)NA7Trip Rating
 3/23/2011Bear Creek: 2 Separate Places
(Ochlockonee River State Park)
15 ?3Trip Rating
 3/23/2011Dead River (Ochlockonee River State Park)?0Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!