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Hi, I'm Tioti.

Looking for more overnight camping kayak runs. I joined Green Wave Forum on 3/23/2017 and since then filed 4 reports with 40 photos. My hometown is Chipley, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Econfina Creek

5/11/2017 Econfina Creek (The Upper Run Section reopens)

Log jam removal has been completed for the entire three sections of the Econfina Creek

Read my report - includes 22 photos

My Trip Journal
 5/11/2017Econfina Creek (The Upper Run Section reopens)1122Trip Rating
 4/29/2017Burnt Mill Creek (HW 388 Bridge launch)66Trip Rating
 4/22/2017Econfina Creek (Run from HW 22 to HW 388)80Trip Rating
 4/12/2017Rock Springs Run (Rock Spring Run)8.512Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!