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Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Report

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Report By:  fladeacon    Date: 5/30/2016 
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The north side of the Fort Pierce Inlet is a great place to kayak. At the very east end is the State Park, and preserve areas to the western side which is part of the Indian River Lagoon System.

My Report:

My wife and I launched our tandem kayak from the public boat ramp on the first island after you cross the bridge. The launch area has two openings in the mangroves that are used by kayaks, canoes and paddleboards so that they can avoid the power boats on the concrete boat ramps. Bottom is sandy and very easy to launch from.

We then headed east following the main channel. This is a little daunting because there is lots of power boat traffic in this section. Once you get to the next bridge though it becomes a no wake zone and much easier to share the way.
After you turn south and go under the bridge, you'll pass a small restaurant at Little Jim's Bait and Tackle. Right after that is a bunch of mangroves with lots of channels through them that are fun to go through in a kayak, paddleboard or canoe. The power boat channel goes almost straight south but we chose to stay to the very right and went around the west side of the islands on that side. It is VERY shallow in this area. So much so that we could not use the mirage drives on our Hobie and had to use the paddles.
When we got far enough south, we headed east again and crossed the channel to Coon Island. This is a very popular hangout with boaters anchoring near the island and swimming/sunning near the beach. The water is beautiful blue and the beaches are nice and clean.
We headed east until we reached the end of Coon Island which is also where the State Park officially begins. We then went through the channel between Coon Island and the Park and went up into Tucker Cove. This is a pretty secluded area and the water turns from blue to brackish. Not many people went all the way to the end of the cove, however we enjoyed the trip.
Once in the cove, we basically just hugged the right coast and kept going until we got back to the bridge by Jim's Bait Shop. This area has lots of shallow areas, however it also has passages that are used by some local fishermen to get to their favorite spots.
We then went back under the bridge and heading back to the launch site. The trip took us about 2-1/2 hours and the tide was just starting to come in. If you go here, make sure you check the tides before you go as the current can get pretty stiff and you might end up walking your boat back if you don't time it right. It's shallow enough that there is not a big concern about getting swept out to sea unless you go down the middle of the inlet like you're heading out to sea.
Loved the trip and plan to come back and finish exploring those mangroves trails and the back side of Coon Island some more.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: Saltwater
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 5
Fees/Costs $: 0

Photos from Fort Pierce Inlet State Park:    (Click image to view full size)

Tucker's Cove Beach No Comm
Tucker's Cove Beach

This photo is looking from inside Tuckers Cover towards the entrance (on the left) where the boaters were beaching for Memorial Day swimming and partying.

Fort Pierce Inlet Ma No Comm
Fort Pierce Inlet Ma

Map of trip report

Tucker's Cove Birds No Comm
Tucker's Cove Birds

This photo is looking from inside Tuckers Cover towards the preserve area which protects the bird population there.


Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThere are multiple places to launch from, including at least three places on the north causeway and several on the south causeway.

Post Date: 6/3/2016

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