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Burnt Mill Creek Report
(HW 388 Bridge launch)

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Report By:  tioti    Date: 4/29/2017 
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An update for Burnt Mill Creek kayaking

My Report:

A little update on Burnt Mill Creek. Just north of Panama City Florida, up HW 77 and off of HW 388 West you will find the lesser traveled beautifully scenic Burnt Mill Creek. I have launched in the past from the Burnt Mill Creek Boat Landing on the Southeast side of the creek, which has you entering the larger part of this creek south of the HW 388 bridge about a mile. This area is close to where this creek enters West Bay. More tidle influenced here. From the launch northward to the bridge is a scenic mile but doesn't compare to whats up the creek north of the bridge. So if you want to launch closer, you have a few other option's. I have checked for "No Parking" signs along the roadside area close to the bridge. There are none and have been assured by FL Game and Fish thats it's fine to park on the shoulder here. The launch I prefer is just over the bridge heading West on the right side. It's only about a 20 foot grassy carry or drag to the creek. The second option is about 200 foot further west also on the right. This is somewhat of a dirt road to the shore of the creek where you can launch. If you launch from here you will need to head left on the creek and follow the creek north and around a bend to the right. If you launch from the launch by the bridge you can head north across what looks like a lake to the north side and enter the creek to the right. Either way you will be northbound on the creek. Every turn brings beautiful surprises, from 25 foot tall sandy banks to floodplains of reed grass. A few more turns up you will see an area of what seems to be a petrified Pine Trees forest in the flats. Also here is where there is a massive Osprey nest on the left before the creek turns left. The creek changes again to Cedar Trees and large Live Oaks hanging over the water, which gives way to high banks again on the next turn. I have included a map with my photos. The green dots are reference points. The bottom dot is Burnt Mill Boat Landing. The dot next to the bridge is where I launched. The dot on the creeks turn is the giant Osprey nest and the top dot is pretty much as far up creek as you can go without running into low overhanging scrubs. The water is pretty clear with a hint of yellow. The creek is not very influenced by tide once you are a handfull of turns upcreek. The current is apparent but not strong. There are no real obstacles either. If you are one who likes a scenic paddle and could watch Ospreys and shore birds all day, you should come here. There is no special kayak needed here and this is a good paddle for any age. I used my short 10.0 Lancer. If you are a beginner or inexperienced kayaker in rivers of fast running water conditions, you will be able to learn a little on how to read current without getting in over you head here.  You can go as far upcreek as you chose, take breaks, have a picnic, spend some healthy family time and all at your own pace. On my last trip I spent about a half of a day on the creek flyfishing for Largemouth Bass under very windy 30 MPH South wind condition's, which made for a workout for the hour trip back to the launch. I delayed leaving the spot upcreek that I was in, taking in the amazing sunset, eventhough I knew this would put me getting back to the launch well after dark. When I arrived to the sandy shore of the launch, I rested for a few minutes, then as I drug my kayak to my car a gentleman from Fl Game and Fish pulled up. He said he drove by my Subaru and saw I had a kayak rack on top and was a little concerned with the weather that there was someone out there in trouble so he came by again. We chatted for awhile and Travis also helped me load my gear and kayak. Nice guy.

Niether trip did I see another boat of any kind. Like most of the waterways in the area, the No See Um's come out before sundown so bring your SSS

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 6
Fees/Costs $: none

Photos from HW 388 Bridge launch:    (Click image to view full size)

south of bridge No Comm
south of bridge
Massive Osprey nest No Comm
Massive Osprey nest
sandy beach launch No Comm
sandy beach launch
i did catch a few No Comm
i did catch a few
sunset upcreek No Comm
sunset upcreek
map No Comm

Post Date: 5/1/2017

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