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Blackwater River Report

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Report By:  dusther    Date: 7/22/2007 
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coldwater to blackwater

My Report:

What a trip.. was just sitting around the house when my buddy Dave called me up and said.. Hey we are going to go and paddle Blackwater. wanna go? well was really hard to convience myself that I did need to. took all of one breathe to confirm that he would be here in less than 10 mins. We loaded up on his trailer and off we went.


First we drove over to the Navy boat docks and picked up one of his buddies that works there and then desided that Munson Hwy was a good put in spot. off we go...

The put in is extremely small only room for 3 boats at a time. lucky for us that is what we had. 2 SOT's and 1 canoe. mine was ready snatched it off the trailer and straight into the water with me on top. needless to say I had to paddle a few circles while waiting for them to get the canoe ready to float. The first leg of the journey was great if you don't mind extremely sharp turns to line up on the dead falls and paddling up to ramming speed. which according to my gps was right at 7 mph. watching the canoe line up was a sight to have been seen. I just made sure that I was just slightly ahead of them. stopped on a few sand bars to strech out the ole legs.

Lunch was also a bit different this trip as well. seems there is a party barge that works the blackwater selling just about anything you could eat on the river including ALL beef hot dogs cooked to order.. took a bit of time to get them ready but was well worth the wait. Anyhow.. the rest of the trip was paddled with ears wide open listening for powerboats and trying to determine which side of the river they would come around the corner on. oh what fun. in my yak was alot of fun but the caneo was having a rough go at it. there where definately some hidden tracks to run through to keep out of the main boat traffic that you won't find on any mapping software that will help out termendously. All and all it was a great trip with friends but if definately not for beginners.

N30 40.372 W86 57.701 follow river west the east fork here is all dead falls this is also where Coldwater creek joins into the Blackwater river

N30 39.753 W86 58.320 this is where the store barge ties off at if you are early ie before 10 they should be home and ready to serve. btw Ed they do have cold prepackaged sandwhiches for ya there to.

N30 38.626 W87 00.372 Here is one of the cut throughs in only about 6' wide with alot of trees leaning over the water which helps keep the boats out. used by the local who live there to dock their rides.

once you clear that small channel really keep your eyes peeled there are alot of skiers in this basin track down through the middle as to the west side there is a salum (sp) set up and they come through there wide open.

We pulled out at the Navy Boat docks but if you don't have an ID card you can just paddle past there to small park which is free on river rd just east of the bridge in milton located at N30 37.940 W87 01.729

Maybe one day I'll get as fancy as Ed and get me a camera :)

Alright ya'll have a good one. supposed to be heading to the north end of coldwater today and start filling in the gaps on my gps for the local area.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 10.3
Fees/Costs $: 0

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Post Date: 7/29/2007

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