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Blackwater River Report
(Kennedy to Cotton Bridge BWR)

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Report By:  gpax    Date: 8/30/2008 
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10.9 mile club trip with 21 paddlers from Kennedy Bridge to Cotton Bridge

My Report:

21 club members slipped in a paddle down the Blackwater River between TS Fay and Hurricane Gustov on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend.

A large group of tents were pitched on the put-in beach at Kennedy Bridge. The paddlers carried boats and gear past the tents and 21 of us set off from Kennedy. We met a few locals out on the river from Kennedy to Peadon and more further downstream.

The river was down six feet from the Tropical Storm Fay high water. Bushes and trees were marked by the high water but the river was back down. We passed several clay cliffs carved out by the river. But I do not recall seeing any wildlife along the river.

The river was scenic and the water was particularly dark stained which stood in stark contrast to the sugar white sands along the banks and bottom. One felled tree pretty much crossed the river leaving a very a narrow passage.

Three dogs accompanied their owners. One little Daschund swam alongside her owner’s boat and loved to play with small logs floating along.

We stopped along a sandbar above Peadon Bridge for lunch.

River traffic increased after Peadon. The river was not as pretty and somewhat crowded with locals swimming along the sandbars and lots of rental canoes from a local livery.

My gps track was 10.9 miles. The current was about 1.5 to 2 mph. I might shorten the trip with a take out at Peadon Bridge when I paddle the river here again and I might try this river on other than a major holiday weekend.

The take-out parking and facilities at Cotton Bridge were nice with running water and restroom facilities. However, I put wheels on my kayak to make the long trip to the parking lot. It looked as though the river had shifted away from the nice looking concrete boat ramp.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 10.9
Fees/Costs $: n/a

Photos from Kennedy to Cotton Bridge BWR:    (Click image to view full size)

Upper Blackwater 1 No Comm
Upper Blackwater 1

Paddling around a sandbar. Notice the white cast on the vegetation from recent high water along the river.

Upper Blackwater 2 No Comm
Upper Blackwater 2

Paddling along the river.

Clay Cliffs No Comm
Clay Cliffs

Clay cliffs along the river

Clay Cliffs 2 No Comm
Clay Cliffs 2

Clay cliffs along the river

Lunch Stop No Comm
Lunch Stop

Lunch time along the river

Dog plays with log No Comm
Dog plays with log

Lunch time entertainment

Swimming Daschund No Comm
Swimming Daschund

Swimming Daschund

Lunch No Comm

Shady spot for lunch

caramel color No Comm
caramel color

Blackwater over white sand bottom looked caramel colored

Launch after lunch No Comm
Launch after lunch

Back to the water after lunch

Blackwater River No Comm
Blackwater River

Back to the water after lunch

Peadon 1 No Comm
Peadon 1

Peadon Bridge

Peadon 2 No Comm
Peadon 2

Peadon Bridge

Color Change 1 No Comm
Color Change 1

Color change from shallow to deep

Color Change 2 No Comm
Color Change 2

Color change from shallow to deep

High Water Mark 1 No Comm
High Water Mark 1

Vegetation color change showing TS Fay high water

High Water Mark 2 No Comm
High Water Mark 2

Vegetation color change showing TS Fay high water

High Water Mark 3 No Comm
High Water Mark 3

Vegetation color change showing TS Fay high water

Blackwater gps track No Comm
Blackwater gps track

GPS Track for Kennedy to Cotton Bridge

Post Date: 9/2/2008

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