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Chipola River Report
(Chipola River at Lamb Eddy)

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Report By:  paddlesolo    Date: 10/11/2008 
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This paddle is a continuation of the Chipola River Paddling Trail. It is from Lamb Eddy Boat Ramp in Calhoun County to SR. 20 Wayside Park and Boat Ramp for a distance of 7.15 miles. It is open water with houses along some parts of the paddle.

My Report:

If you are wondering about the rash of recent Chipola River postings, it has been my goal to post the entire trip reports about the entire Chipola River Paddling Trail which is 51 miles in length. This is the next to the last segment, so I only have one more paddle to do before I have completed the complete paddling trail plus some of the upper Chipola above the official paddling trail.

I had one other paddler with me, a newbie in a small sit-on top kayak. This was her first paddle on moving water, and she had no difficulty, because I had picked this section of the river as an easy paddle.

I decided this would be a good chance for me to practice paddling my solo canoe with a single blade. I had obtained information from a local paddler that this section was about seven miles long, so didn't worry about making time. The two of us met in Marianna at 8:30, and headed to Lamb Eddy Landing. There is a pasture on Hamilton Springs Road with Black Angus grazing, and I looked out at the scene and noticed a large flock of wild turkeys. My husband had accompanied us to help with the shuttle, and my camera was in his truck. I am sure you can guess what happened, when I got the camera out, the turkeys "had flown the coop", but as we drove a few yards farther, I saw four more, and was able to get a picture. My pictures didn't turn out very good, so I am going to post my friend's picture. It was difficult to believe there were so many of them, and that they were so large. A real thrill prior to the paddle.

I secured my canoe to a metal post with a bicycle chain and we took all three vehicles down to Highway 20, left the two cars for the paddlers to bring home, and loaded the kayak and all our paddling gear into the pick-up and went back to Lamb Eddy. It was a long shuttle, and nearly 10:30 before we got in the water.

It was an easy paddle with a wide, open river. There was one pontoon boat out that we saw a couple times, and one small boat at the take-out landing, other than that we had the stream to ourself. The banks are steep in many places, and there are also houses for a couple miles of the paddle, sometimes on the west bank, but mostly on the east bank. Where there were no houses, there was hardwood forests with cypress and live oak trees, and ocassionally planted pines.

We saw the strangest form trash on the river bank, it was the mixer from a large cement truck - the round part that rotates as the truck is driven to the site. I have been wondering how I am going to get that trash out of the river! Would the farmer help, or allow someone to help remove it?

There was one place we found to land for lunch right by a small stream. We climbed the bank and it looked like a good camping spot. There was also one very nice sandbar just south of that spot on the opposite side of the river. Other than these two areas, there were very steep banks with no place to get out of the boats, or else houses.

We paddled 3 hrs and 11 minutes and stopped for 37 minutes, a couple short stops to take pictures, and for lunch. The current was around 1.5 mph and our moving average was 2.2, so we didn't make great time, but enjoyed the moment.

The best way to shuttle from Highway 20 back to Lamb Eddy is to go W on SR 20 for 1 mile and turn R on SR 73. Drive about 7 miles and look for the Boat Ramp sign on the right. The road is NW Laramore Road and is a well-kept gravel road which dead-ends at Hamilton Springs Road, turn R, drive a mile and Lamb Eddy Road is on the Left.
This is the shortest shuttle - we know - because we took Highway 71 to Blountstown and then went west on SR 20 to the river on our way, and it was out of the way.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Canoe
Distance (miles): 7.15
Fees/Costs $: free

Photos from Chipola River at Lamb Eddy:    (Click image to view full size)

Starting Out No Comm
Starting Out

Here is the yellow kayak and paddler that accompanied me on this paddle.

High River Banks No Comm
High River Banks

The riverbanks were high and had limestone rocks and boulders as well as hardwood trees.

Abnormal Debris No Comm
Abnormal Debris

This round metal object turned out to be part of a cement mixer that is mounted on a truck

Sandy Rest Stop No Comm
Sandy Rest Stop

The first good place for a rest break.

Solid Metal Bridge No Comm
Solid Metal Bridge

This bridge was across a creek. Debra is trying to determine its origin.

High view of Chipola No Comm
High view of Chipola

A picture from the top of the riverbank.

Abandoned Houseboat No Comm
Abandoned Houseboat

A houseboat that has seen better days, left decaying in the river.

Horizontal Oak No Comm
Horizontal Oak

This Live Oak seems to have lost it support or else just wasn't a conformist!

Sandbar No Comm

The only real sandbar for miles on the Chipola

Park on SR 20 No Comm
Park on SR 20

This is the park at the boat landing on SR 20

Wild Turkeys No Comm
Wild Turkeys

On our way to Lamb Eddy Landing we saw two groups of wild turkeys in the pasture with the Black Angus cows. This is the great pic my friend took with her camera

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThere is a nice park on SR 73 just after you turn north from SR 20. This is the general area called Clarksville, The park is on 4 Mile Creek and has a picnic pavilion and locals play in the creek.

Post Date: 6/29/2011

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