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Burnt Mill Creek Report
(Burnt Mill Creek Upstream)

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Report By:  paddlesolo    Date: 8/29/2009 
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A paddle going upstream on Burnt Mill Creek from the boat ramp. The area paddled is open water which is tidally influenced past saltwater marshes.

My Report:

I wanted to see what Burnt Mill Creek looked like upstream, so my paddling guide, Len, who lives on Burnt Mill Creek, offered to go with me. We put in at the boat ramp and paddled toward the CR 388 Bridge. Not far after leaving the boat ramp is a dock for a large fishing vessel and it appears that one should go straight ahead, but that area is only a bayou, and one needs to make a 90 degree turn to the left to stay with the open channel. As we neared the bridge, another paddler from Slocum, AL made his way down from Len's house to join the paddle. Ron was paddling a "skin on frame" kayak that he had built, and using a carved Greenland paddle. A beautiful yak!

The area is used by boaters and fishermen, and all that passed us were kind and throttled down to a slow speed. After reading about other paddlers complaints about boats nearly running them over, I appreciate the consideration of the NW Florida boaters.

For the first few miles the open water is flanked by large areas of Black Needlerush on both sides of the stream. After about three miles of paddling, the creek is contained within higher banks with pine, Southern Magnolia and palmetto plants. This is a typical black water creek with the water quite dark from tanins leached from upstream vegetation. Because our paddle occurred a few hours after high tide there were few areas to beach our boats and get out for a stretch. We did find two places, one for a short swim and then 4.75 upstream where we had lunch where two of us crowded under the brush, and one chose to eat in the stream itself.

Paddling upstream was challenging because of the falling tide and the current of the creek. Coming downstream there was a headwind. It was a hot, strenuous paddle for me, although the guys in their yaks seemed comfortable. After a rest at Len's house he and I paddled the remaining mile down to the boat ramp and loaded our boats. Total distance paddled was 9.36 miles in three hours and fifty minutes.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 9.36
Fees/Costs $: free

Photos from Burnt Mill Creek Upstream:    (Click image to view full size)

Near the Boat Ramp No Comm
Near the Boat Ramp

Here is the view after we made the left turn and were paddling toward the bridge.

Paddlesolo No Comm
CR 388 Bridge No Comm
CR 388 Bridge
Greenland Paddle No Comm
Greenland Paddle

Ron and the boat and paddle he created.

Friend Len No Comm
Friend Len

My friend Len has used his time and expertise to guide me on Burnt Mill Creek

Rose Mallow No Comm
Rose Mallow

There are many different colors and variations of the Rose Mallows which are members of the Hibiscus family.

Flowering Shrubs No Comm
Flowering Shrubs

These white flowering shrubs were frequently seen on the creek bank.

Magnolia Seed Pods No Comm
Magnolia Seed Pods
Mature Seeds No Comm
Mature Seeds

These bright red seeds are visible when the seed pods breaks open.

Foamy Streaks No Comm
Foamy Streaks

As the tide was going out, the foam was elongated into interesting streaks.

Steep Banks No Comm
Steep Banks
Creek Bank No Comm
Creek Bank

The area we chose for a rest break.

Foamy Streaks II No Comm
Foamy Streaks II
Ron in his Yak No Comm
Ron in his Yak
Further Upstream No Comm
Further Upstream
Time for Lunch No Comm
Time for Lunch

This is a photo taken by Len of Ron and I having lunch on the banks of the creek.

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsPine Log Forest with camping and hiking is nearby north of CR 388 on SR 79.

Post Date: 8/31/2009

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