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Rock Springs Run Report

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Report By:  lynette422001    Date: 1/16/2010 
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Rock Springs Run is a 8 mile stretch of creek from the Rock Springs to the Wekiva River. The current has some speed to it and there are sharp turns to make it interesting. The water is very shallow and this would be a suitable trip for beginners. The wat~

My Report:

Camping is permitted at primitive sites along the creek. Reservations are required, call 407-884-2009. The campsites are part of Wekiva Springs State Park. The campsites are roomy and pleasant, with fire rings and benches.

I recently paddled with a group of 10 other folks, We passed a pleasant day and night with a campfire, rain, owl song, and love calls of anhingas as a lullaby. Wildlife sightings include an otter and several very sedate 'gators.

You could paddle from King's Landing to Wekiva Marina or Wekiva Springs State Park.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Canoe
Distance (miles): 8-9
Fees/Costs $: $5 for camping

Photos from Rock Springs Run:    (Click image to view full size)

Indian Mound Restricted
Indian Mound

This primitive campsite has a fire ring and benches

turtle Restricted

turtle on a branch

great blue heron Restricted
great blue heron

this very marshy spot on the Wekiva River has lots of birdlife


Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThe canoe is the superior vessel for this trip. It is easy to launch or exit, roomy, and comfortable.

Post Date: 2/7/2010

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