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Econfina Creek Report

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Report By:  djskal    Date: 4/1/2010 
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9 Miles of paddling bliss from the Econfina Canoe Livery to HWY 388 bridge...

My Report:

Unable to reach the Econfina canoe livery on Wednesday, I called first thing on Thursday morning, reaching the owner. I informed him we'd be there by 930 am. This trip came highly recommended by Frances Stone and Chris Matthews, both highly respected paddlers from west Florida.

We arrived and traversed up a very rough dirt road and into the canoe livery. We unloaded our gear and the livery charged us $20 to drop off our vehicle at the take out. After the ride back to the entry, we loaded the kayaks with gear and headed out on the river. We initially paddled up stream and bit, but after about a 1/4 mile decided it was best to make our way down stream.

The Econfina is mostly tea colored, but the river is fed from several crystal clear springs. We encountered the first spring not far from the livery. This one was decent size and ample for swimming, which we did. The day was warm, with plenty of sun! After a short break, we headed back to the main river. We found several other small springs before encountering another paddler, heading up stream. The nice paddler informed us that there were several other springs, one which was closed to paddlers. We parted ways and continued down stream. We later arrived at the closed spring and decided not to dismount our kayaks, since there wasn't any shallow areas to easily get out.

A few miles down stream and several small springs later, we arrived at the most spectacular sight.. It was a giant spring, actually several springs surrounded by private property. The fish were so abundant and you could see the water boiling at the surface from the force of the water leaving the spring heads. We ran into some older teenagers who were enjoying the scenery. They advised us of a spring just outside of this one, where the water jets from the limestone wall. This was the place we chose the stop and eat lunch and swim in the cold, clear waters. The area where the tea colored water and the spring water met were spectacular.

After a nice break, we ventured further down stream, passing through some very beautiful country. From low hardwood forest to high limestone banks, each bend brought new scenery! It was in the middle of the this trip where my son uttered the words, "this is the best spring break ever"!

9 miles later, we arrive at the hwy 388 bridge, where we unloaded the gear and loaded the kayaks. What a spectacular day!

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 9
Fees/Costs $: 20

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Post Date: 4/2/2010

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