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St. Sebastian River Report
(Sebastian RIver)

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Report By:  lynette422001    Date: 5/21/2010 
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THis 12 mile run from the canoe launch to Capt Hirams is easy and scenic

My Report:

Our trip started at the Sebastian Canoe Launch. This park is maintained by Indian River County. It has picnic tables and free parking, no bathrooms. There is a nearby convenience store. The launch site is a long (portage) wooden dock with a steep sand bank. It is a little tricky to launch.

Our trip started with the sighting of a huge Barred Owl about 2 minutes from the dock. It stared at us and posed for pictures. Our day could hve been complete right there.

The Sebastian River has significant current which varies modestly with tidal fluctuations from the Indian River Lagoon, 8 miles away. We found high water levels and brisk current. Low tide for the Sebastian Inlet was 933am.

We meandered 6 miles to Dale Wimbrow park. This stretch of river has many sharp turns and submerged logs to keep paddlers paying attention. It was bereft of trash. We saw many many fish and a few alligators. Bird sightings include little blue herons, little green herons, cardinals, woodpeckers, swallows, and Ibis. Probably missed a few.

Dale Wimbrow Park has bathrooms, a grass canoe/kayak launch, a boat ramp, picnic tables, a playground, and free parking. It is open sunrise to sunset. We also found a very interesting retention pond which was full of tadpoles and other creatures.

This intrepid group of explorers countinued down the Sebastian River to the Indian River Lagoon. The river widens over the next 3 miles and there are many houses, a railroad trestle, and a bridge. We saw dolphins and great white herons.

The next leg of our journey was a short 2 miles in the Indian River Lagoon. We found whitecaps and wind out of the east however the conditions were entirely manageable. We stopped at a spoil island and had a rest and a swim. The water was cool and clear, coming in from the nearby Sebastian Inlet, and full of fish, crabs, and jellyfish (no stings). At one point we saw so many leaping bait fish that we abandoned our swim out of respect for larger predators.

The island immediately to the south was covered with nests of Great Blue Herons. If you go, islands with birds are designated "conservation" and are off limits to landing and other human activity. Photography and ogling from a distance is permitted.

We ended our trip at Captain Hiram's resort, where the good folks permit the loading and unloading of kayaks, the beer is cold, and the atmosphere fantastic. It is easy to locate this resort from the water because there is a large sign and a well marked boat channel. There are also often kayaks on the shore.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 12
Fees/Costs $: 0

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsCapt Hiram's resort is very paddler friendly with a nice sandy launch, showers, and great food. I recommend the hot dogs.

Post Date: 5/26/2010

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