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Bulow Creek Report

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Report By:  Unknown    Date: 6/27/2010 
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Short tidal creek, that begins in Flagler County, north of Ormond Beach in Volusia County. Wide, slow current,meanders through a salt marsh dotted with. hammocks of oak and palm It empties into the Halifax River.

My Report:

If you like Florida history, nature, and paddling, Bullow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park is the place to go. Named afterJohn Bulow who operated the largest sugar mill in Florida. It was abandoned and subsequently burned by the Seminoles in 1836. Impressive ruins remain. Subtle ruins are outlines of 19th century boatslips next to the modern concrete ramp. According to a sign the slips "were reinforced with ale and wine bottles which were discarded from house parties"

The ramp is narrow, no big boats here. I put in from a dirt area next to the ramp and began to paddle up Bulow Creek
There are a few homes on the Creek, long walkways across the marsh are required for water access. The docks make good places to see birds that may otherwise be hidden in the grass.

After 45 minutes paddling time, I saw high ground. Shell mound? No, I saw a canal, the high ground had to be the fill when the canal was dug. I heard running water.Paddled into the canal to investigate Cool and clear water flowed over rocks in the canal. Spring water? During a bike ride in '05, I stopped at Bulow Creek State Park and took a photo of a "seepage spring". A low volume spring, no more than a trickle. The cool water in what I now know is "Cisco Ditch" must originate from that, and perhaps other small springs.
I did not pull the yak over the rocks, but turned back to the Creek. Talking to a ranger afterwards, she said I would not have gone very far.

I did not continue much longer up Bulow Creek, turning back after an hour. No shade in the salt marsh and it already was pushing 90 degrees. Wildlife spotted includes anhingas, ospreys, a lone alligator, a few blue herons, one each great blue and tri colored herons. More green herons than I have ever seen on one outing. Just one other boat braving the heat. A couple, fishing To bad for them I did not keep the shrimp that leaped into my kayak.

I returned to, and paddled past the launch site. I paddled for about 30 minutes. There are man made canals, with manufactured homes just down Creek of the launch. Must be some of the most affordable water front property around. I thought of going to Bulow Creek State Park, but it was too hot. I returned to Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park just before noon. Not even noon, and I was to hot. I think I will return here in the fall, and do a car/bike shuttle on the Ormond Loop. The Ormond Loop is a scenic 24 mile ride along the ocean and along narrow roads, sometimes under a oak canopy, other sections past sections of Bulow Creek. Besides the two Bulow State Parks, Tomoka, North Peninsula, and Gamble Rogers State Recreation area are in the vicinity. Speaking of biking, there is a 6.8 mile trail that links the two Bulow Parks. Bikes are allowed, so I checked it out for a couple miles.

I also toured the sugar mill ruins, waiting out a thunderstorm in an Interpretive Center. Or rather outside, the artifacts are behind glass in a climate controlled room. An overhang protects viewers from the sun, and rain.

This was my second paddle on Bulow Creek. The first time I launched near High Bridge, near the Halifax River. More boat traffic there. I prefer today’s location. As I drove out the narrow dirt road, trees forming an archway overhead, I saw a doe with her two fawns. Nice way to end the day. I also have a report on Dave's Yak Tales

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Fees/Costs $: 4

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Blue heron No Comm
Blue heron
Osprey No Comm
Cisco Ditch No Comm
Cisco Ditch
Bulow Creek No Comm
Bulow Creek
Bait Shop No Comm
Bait Shop
Green heron No Comm
Green heron
Green herons No Comm
Green herons
Another osprey No Comm
Another osprey
Bulow Creek No Comm
Bulow Creek
Ramp area No Comm
Ramp area
You are here No Comm
You are here
Trail head No Comm
Trail head
Ruins No Comm
Doe No Comm

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsBring your bike for the "Ormond Loop"

Post Date: 6/30/2010

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