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Rock Springs Run Report
(Wekiwa St Pk/ Rock Springs Run)

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 7/23/2010 
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A short paddle at the Rock Sprigs Run and the Wekiwa State Park Lagoon.

My Report:

I have had a miserable week at work. It has been simply terrible since I did enter the building Monday morning. After Tuesday I decided that was it and to going out to kayak at Wekiwa State Park – Rock Springs Run Wednesday. I needed a break and that is the reason why I bought a kayak. Was not able to go Wednesday but yesterday I did.

Put in at the Wekiwa State Park Lagoon at 5PM. The young man that works renting canoes and yaks there told me he had recorded 105 rentals. Wao!!!!! There is a barrier, as in oil spill barriers, in the East side of the lagoon. He told me it has something to do with the hydrilla control. Well… I prepared my gear for a short paddling afternoon and SPLASH…on the water I went.

Started paddling and saw a man in a canoe coming very excited. “There is a gator floating right there”, he said pointing to the West end, where the lagoon ends and the river starts. As I prepared my camera looked to my right, to the East end of the lagoon, and saw something weird, as weird as a line of white teeth in the middle of nowhere can be. Using the zoom of the camera I realized it was a gator on a log. Was opening and closing its mouth and doing some pushups (???) in the log. Took three pics just wishing at least one of them turned out right. The best one is the first one of this report. Nothing to call home about but for me it is just OK. Another canoe came pointing me the other gator floating at the West side of the lagoon. I told them “What about that one in the log?” They said the same thing I said when I saw it. Wao!!!!! It was truly impressive.

I took some quick pics of the other gator but it was in a spot between the sun light and the shade. Shoot a couple and was not able to see it and decided to wait until my return to try again. The wildlife on the Wekiva River was not there. A Blue Heron flew over me and shortly after that another heron, maybe a Green Heron. Usually I see Blue and Tri Colored Herons in this area between the Rock Springs Run and the lagoon but not today.

Reached the confluence of the river and Rock Springs Run( from now on The Run) and entered it. The current seemed stronger than usual. I had to paddle hard to start moving in. Maybe I am just still sore of my experience at Weekie Wachee a week ago. That was not worthy of a report and since my Mom taught me to shut up if I have nothing good to say…again…no report on the Weekie Wachee but I will go back alone.

Back to The Run had to go between a family in two canoes that stopped in the middle of it. The Run is very narrow in that area and there is not too much room to paddle between two canoes and people IN the water. I passed The Beach, a small sand bank to your right (if you go upstream), without seeing a single creature. I was trying to find something to take a pic of and was looking for a Red Shouldered Hawk that was in the area the last time I did paddle there. Yeah right!!!! Like he was going to wait for me to come back but had to try. Give me a 10 for the effort. The hawk was not there but an Ibis was. It was just perfectly placed in a branch with the sun light hitting it. After struggling to place my kayak in a spot that will hold it still I prepared my camera and was pointing to the Ibis when the sound of people screaming and hitting their canoes scared it. Thank You very much. A girl in the canoe asked me where was I going. I told her that I was planning to go upstream for 30 more minutes and then come back. She said that there was not a soul upstream. I let the two canoes go downstream and continued upstream. I found the Ibis again at another branch and this time shoot a few pics. The location was not as good as the other one but…what the heck!!!!

I did as I told the canoe girl. Paddled for 30 more minutes upstream and then turned around. Before I did that took a pic of a Great Blue Heron and what I think is a Great Egret. The Great Egret was easy. The Great Blue was another story. After I fought the current and put myself in place to take a pic he waited until the very last moment to fly away making that “squaking” sound. Son of a bird!!!! Angry I think it was laughing at me. I went after it and took a pic anyways. Ha…take that Mr. Great Blue Crazy . The pic did not come out as good as I expected but after all the effort it is included in the report.

Going back to the put in, now the take out, I went fast since wanted to have time to take pics in the lagoon. In the past I have seen lots of birds around when the Sun is starting to come down. An anhinga gave me a welcome back pic chance. Also took pics of Blue Herons (a juvie and an adult), a Tri Colored Heron, saw a Green Heron that flew away when I raised my camera…dang it…, and three gators, the one that was floating at the West end when I put in among them. I was disappointed when heard the PA ordering the people to come out of the spring. I planned on taking a dip after tying my kayak in my mini-van. Not a problem since I will be back. I love this place.

It was not too bad for my first solo kayak trip. Usually my wife or my best friend comes with me. Besides that, the Wekiva River and The Run are so beautiful. Just to be there and listen to the sounds, minus the obnoxious people banging the canoes, is relaxing. Just what I needed.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 3
Fees/Costs $: 3

Photos from Wekiwa St Pk/ Rock Springs Run:    (Click image to view full size)

Scenice Wekiwa RIver No Comm
Scenice Wekiwa RIver

View from DK's yak

Ibis in the shade No Comm
Ibis in the shade
Great Egret (???) No Comm
Great Egret (???)
Great Blue Heron No Comm
Great Blue Heron
Blue Heron No Comm
Blue Heron
Juvenile Blue Heron No Comm
Juvenile Blue Heron
Happy anhinga No Comm
Happy anhinga
Tri Colored Heron No Comm
Tri Colored Heron
Floating Lazy gator No Comm
Floating Lazy gator
Gator at the Lagoon No Comm
Gator at the Lagoon

Post Date: 7/25/2010

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