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Rock Springs Run Report
(Wekiva Island)

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 7/31/2010 
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A tow hour paddle with the whole family to Wekiva Island from Wekiwa Springs and another two hour paddle on Rock Springs Run

My Report:

Friday July 30th kayaked in Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run(The Run). It was a Family Day so took my wife and kids with me. We paid the fee at the gate and drove to the State Park. On our way to the parking area my daughter said…”deer, deer, right there”. I did not see a thing so taking advantage that there was no one behind us put the reverse and move to the spot that my princess was pointing to. There it was; a young buck ( the whatever the name is for those things on the head were not too big). It was a first time for all of us. What a way to start the day!!!! My wife took some pics from the minivan but as soon as she opened the door to go closer there was the buck running into the forest.

As we continued to the parking lot had to wait for a flock of wild turkeys to move and once in the parking spot two swallow-tailed kites flew over us and another first for us. Once in the park I proceed to rent a yak for two of my kids and put in at about 9:20AM. There were three gators, at least I saw only three, in the Wekiwa Spring Lagoon and wifey had a blast taking pics. There were also Blue, Three Colored and Green Herons all over the place. A Belted Kingfisher was flying from branch to branch making my wife efforts to get a pic a lost cause. She did take a shot at a yellow little bird that did not come right. We went downriver and headed to Wekiva Island. Usually I do not do this but today just wanted to spend some quality time with my kids and let them enjoy the river.

Our plan was to go to Wekiva Island and come back, enjoy some time together at the spring and then do a paddle at Rock Springs Run with my wife. We did so but this time, around 12:30, wildlife in The Run was hiding. There was so much traffic all over the place and I am OK with it. But why do you have to be in a place like this yelling and screaming like a lunatic? Confused That I do not understand. There were two guys in The Beach (a small sand bank in The Run to your right if going upstream) when we went up. They were still there in our way down and heard them 5 minutes from and away. The gators in the lagoon where there so we spent time taking pics of gators and some underwater pics. We got gars, turtles, and a catfish just shooting from the yak.

Other than the disappointing paddle at The Run it was a great day. The Run has spoiled Grin me and I am used to see a lot of wildlife every time I paddle there. But we enjoy the spring at the State Park. My sons had fun diving all the way to the bottom and even I did it once. Cool Bottom line…Mission Accomplished. Have to do this more often. Smile

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 4.5
Fees/Costs $: 6 plus a rental

Photos from Wekiva Island:    (Click image to view full size)

Starting with a Buck No Comm
Starting with a Buck

Just entering the State Park my daughter spotted a Buck

Wild Turkey No Comm
Wild Turkey
Take the pic and go! No Comm
Take the pic and go!

Gator at the Wekiwa Spring Lagoon.

Baby gators in a log No Comm
Baby gators in a log

These babies were enjoying the sun.

Juvenile Blue Heron No Comm
Juvenile Blue Heron
Battle for the log I No Comm
Battle for the log I
Log Battle II No Comm
Log Battle II
Green Heron No Comm
Green Heron
Florida Gar No Comm
Florida Gar

Taken from the side of the yak.

Hydrilla gator No Comm
Hydrilla gator
Blue Heron No Comm
Blue Heron

The Blue Heron and the bow

Turtles No Comm
Catfish No Comm

Post Date: 7/31/2010

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